image Is there really some major plan for life, or are we just here to ‘enjoy’?

Sometimes I think we search for meaning, reason and answers where there are none.
What is the purpose of life? Our reason to be here? Is it some grand plan? Or is it really something so much simpler .. basic.. even primal?

We surround ourselves with objects to entertain, to tantalise the senses, to create a sense of ownership, of control. We seek things in life because we believe that is what society dictates. Education, careers, marriage, children, friendships, mortgages, holidays. We seek meaning in spirituality, in thinking. We try to understand, to increase our knowledge, to become wise.

We continually look without, to try and fill a supposed hole, a feeling of emptiness. Religion and dogma dictates individual and group philosophies and beliefs. We give and search for meaning in symbols and the world around us. We seek to know the future. To find something we consider worthy of giving our selves and our power to. Yet is it really this that is the purpose of life? Or is it simpler?

Perhaps it’s as simple as actually being? Living? Sensing? Enjoyment of the life we are given? Is it as simple as just living each moment fully? Experiencing? Partaking? Being in ‘the now’. We put boundaries and limits and strictures. We become rigid, viewing life in absolutes, black and white. Striving for something. We know not what.

Yet perhaps our reason is found inside us. Following our own path. To step upon the earth and be part of it. To wonder at all that surrounds us. And to enjoy. To partake. To just BE. When we learn to just be, everything has meaning and yet nothing does. There becomes no striving to fill empty spaces. For we become complete. Just as we are.

We open up our world to whatever we choose. We learn that we can choose. We have choice. That we no longer need to search. To give our power away. To follow the dictates of the masses, of philosophies, dogmas and societies beliefs. We learn that we do so because we choose to do so. We learn that we choose to do whatever it is that we want, in that given moment.

And in doing so, we learn to be at ease with our self. Within our own self. We learn that we are truly free and have always been. We learn that although every action has a reaction, we choose to do those that fulfil us in all ways. And in fulfilling our soul, we learn that what has the most meaning, is that which brings us peace. In our mind, heart, soul and body. We learn to walk in the world yet not be in the world. Not be at the mercy of the world. Then we learn the meaning of control and power.

That the only thing we really have control and power over is our very own being. And in so doing, we become free. At peace, content, and we find the tranquility and serenity that is there for us. That already exists. If only we stop, open our hearts, minds and souls, and listen. And just BE.



  1. Striving for something, and being. The eternal push and pull of life. Most of us do much more striving than being, and I think it does warp us. But some things are worth striving for, and it’s not productive to stop yourself from dreaming, and fulfilling your dreams. But you still need to accept life as it is. Our purpose is to survive, to be, to reproduce, to help others. All of these things are worthwhile, and none are “better” than another.

    • Perhaps .. Tho in just striving or just surviving we dont reach our potential. Dreams are vital. They are what sing to us. Give us direction and goals. Something we can gain satisfaction from in undertaking and achieving. But i think some times we focus so much on the ‘getting’ that we forget the ‘living’. ‘Being’ is learning to truly live life to its fullest. To immerse ourselves in experience and wonder. When we live just in surviving or dreaming lifes opportunities and miracles pass by. Being is about stopping and looking and appreciating. Its learning to be constantly mindful in a busy chaotic world. Then we find peace, the stillness that resides within. Finding that is like nothing else. The world opens up and we find meaning everywhere in that instance.

  2. I agree with Alastair. Obviously the meaning of life is different for every person, and it takes different things to allow each of us to feel truly fulfilled.
    Personally, I don’t really want to live in the hope that it’s according to some grand plan I have no idea about. Instead I just want to make sure I put myself in the way of opportunities and see where they take me.

    • Thankfully we all have different wants and desires 🙂 it makes the world more vibrant. In putting ourselves in the way of opportunities we have to follow our dreams and desires and be prepared for whatever may arise. And sometimes we have to create the opportunities themselves so that the door does open

    • Reaction .. Oh how we react so easily at times to. In the sense of whether we choose to actively partake or not most certainly. And often we need to create the action so the most beneficial reaction occurs. There is humour and fun, perhaps in a dark way, when we look at how we each react. But then reactions tell us so mch about who we are, what we need to work on, and what no longer serves us and let go of.

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