quote Solitude … not quiet in reality

Ah tis happening again
Whenever I read a piece of poetry
As if in synch my mind takes off
Waxing lyrical in rhyming rhythms

It does not matter what I do
As I wander my house by myself
My mind my companion given permission
To fly off at will in numerous words

I notice one thing that seems to occur
My minds flight of fancy does only when I am alone
With others surrounding me its voice turns to silence
My mind filled with other mundane activities

Yet when I am alone …
My eyes see a thing …
A picture created …
My mind takes to its wings …

Too fast it flies
I try to recall
Phrases and snippets
Rhyming poetically

Crystal dances around me
Begging for treats
Spoilt to the core
My one devoted companion

Spinning in circles
Loud and quite boisterous
Noisy and bossy and very demanding
One would wonder who owns who

One snack is never enough
Gobbled with glee in rapid time
Her nose hits the ground in search of more
Before puppy dog eyes beg ‘more please’ …

Resting now
Flopped on the ground
A deep sigh of contentment
She quietens now

A sign of growing age
Disguised there awhile
Whilst cheerfully barking
For titbits and more

And now that I sit
My minds had enough
Quietened now
The words I have lost

Yet there was a phrase
That started it all …

Gone now
Upon the wind
Lost it is …
Perhaps ….



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