image An evening visit from a Common Tree Frog

Sitting outside this morning, I reflect back to my Magickal Moment last night. A rather large and gorgeous Common Tree Frog hopped across my patio, taking his time.

I’d heard his evening croaking amidst the sound of the rain. Loud enough to draw me outside, camera in hand. But he was hiding. Ringing my parents for a weekly catch up, I sat outside and chatted. From the corner of my eye I saw a movement, and spotted him hopping nearby. Of course my camera came out. Held in one hand, the phone in the other, I continued to chat while watching and snapping.

Crystal by now was snuggled inside, the weather turning a little chilly. Wondering if he would stop by my pond, I watched as he hopped on by. To watch a frog hop about 3 foot is like childish delight. His beauty and majesty as he held his head high. And then I heard him croak. Watched his throat fill with the sound of his call.

By now he was on his way, seeking no doubt, a mate for the night. Watching him now hop away, the feeling of awe and quiet appreciation for the wonder of earths beautiful creatures filled me completely.

By now my phone call to my parents was ending. Time to say a last goodbye, at least for this evenings visit. And watch him hop away into the dark rainy night. For they only seem to come out and about when the rain is falling from the sky.



  1. I love those kind of frogs. They look like rubber toys and then they move! Nearly jumped out of my skin when one jumped out of a toilet I was sitting on in Bourke (wasn’t a tree frog but looked similar).

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