image A case of ‘why not?’

A text from a close friend two nights ago with a request to check out a link she posted on my Facebook page. Psychic Cruise $1199 for a twin, March 2014. Did I want to go? She’s still living in Perth, 2 hour time difference. At 9:30 pm I was falling asleep. I replied I would check it out the next day. Thought about it a second and flicked back an ‘I like the sound of it’, followed by an ‘Without even checking it out’.

Yesterday late morning I checked quickly on Facebook. Saw the link pic, and noticed that Scott Alexander King is one of the featured guests. We both met Scott and his wife at his Byron Bay shop a year ago on our way to Brisbane. We’re connected via Facebook. That decided me. ‘Why not?’ I’ve never been on a cruise. The cost is well within reach, and can be paid in installments. Hmm P&O cruise and it leaves from Brissy. 7 nights through the Pacific. Noumea, Vanuatu. Yep. Decided. Decision made. I rang her. “I’m in”. A few phone calls later, she’s booked, and our deposits paid.

By this time I decided I really should look at the cruise info. Well I looked at the basics. Where, when, how long, who’s featured. Sounds excellent to me. Suddenly something I’d always thought of doing, one day, is now a concrete plan. How I love rapid decisions. There’s something almost surreal about them. A year to let it unfold. To talk, laugh and plan our week long holiday. To share with like minded people. To visit and enjoy a beautiful part of mother earth. How awesome is that?

I love how things in life just take on a life of their own. How one day a plan was not even considered. A maybe dream is suddenly a reality. I’ve been so busy with work, changing over patient information systems. Preparing to hand over as my role in this clinic finishes in a weeks time. Allowing me to return to head office. To undertake project work again.

And to top it off. An incredible remedial massage/ healing from one I met through another. Relief from pain and muscle tightness. A decision to book regularly, fortnightly, much needed physical therapy. for my own personal, physical care.

This morning, rising early with the dawn again, I sit outside beneath grey clouds as the sky lightens and marvel at all that is wonderful in life. And how our lives turn when we learn to let go and let be. Of course life is truly magickal.

A month ago I watched the cruise ship leave Brissy, never thinking that in a years time, that will be me out there 🙂


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