image Sunday Idleness

Too long I have sat outside on my verandah
Sunlight glinting off green leaves in my garden
Light breeze wandering occasionally through
Keeps me lazing in growing humid warmth

Time passes by, cuckoo clock chimes another hour
Eyes grow tired and lazy, reading on my iPad
Thoughts and images flood my mind of blogs I have read
Pushing between my own mind strives to be heard

Time to be moving, that assignment to finish
The one you have procrastinated too long now
Time running out, you know you can finish it
Rebellion raises its ugly head, but why should I?

Because ….
Why not?

I would rather lay my head down and close my eyes
Drift off into another land and rest my weary body
Choices appear like the good and bad fairies
They alight on my shoulders to wage a war of wits

But today I have promised myself I will do
What I know must finally be completed
If only I can put this menace down
And move my lazy butt …

Ah and there is now no more choice to make
For that pesky sign has raised its head …
Low battery …
Enough said.


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