image Beads of Wisdom … Silence and Solitude

I subscribe to a daily email, Beads of Wisdom, from Jan Lundy who also writes Buddha Chick Life. Reading back through this week, the following post from February 4 struck me as being so succinct and well stated that I felt the need to share. Perhaps it is just that this is my current state of feeling today. Perhaps it is that after half a life-time being mother, wife, daughter, colleague, boss, surrounded by people, I realised how vital to the soul it is to make time for ME … ALONE. Yet so rarely do we do so in our busy, daily lives. Now that I have this opportunity, as a result of drastic life changes and upheavals, Icherish every moment I have in solitude. Just me, myself and I.

Silence and solitude are vital to our well-being. Time to be alone, without the clamor of a noisy world and the needs of others, is essential to create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony. In fact, silence and solitude may be the foundation for living as our true selves: as beings who are innately confident, peaceful, openhearted, kind and generous. Without periods of and places for silence and solitude, it’s difficult to connect with the essence of who we really are.

In truth, we must desire inner calm more than chaos and then create an environment and routine that allows us to access it on a regular basis. How might you create space and opportunity for yourself today to be restored by silence and solitude?

Jan Lundy


Blue faced heron, solitary silence ….


  1. hi jenn, yes i don’t visit often due to the time it takes for the background to load … i just look at the post in the reader which means i can’t comment … anyway here today to say how important solitude is, we all need our daily dose of silence … lovely post! christine xx

    • decided to delete the pic background and go with one of the custom ones … couldnt get it to be a smaller pic to load faster … and that we do need in silence

  2. DearJenn,

    First I want to say that may be your background photo is too huge in their size that every time I am loading your page, it takes sometime to load.

    I just want to say peace cannot be attain from the environment, instead of accepting life is a challenge and we are here to learn.

    • Thankyou 🙂 working on getting background image a smaller file … We are here definitely to learn … I think nature provides space to stop and go deep inside in order to find our peace … Its a hard process tho at times … Like many things its something we need to cultivate daily 🙂

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