image Serenity = Early Morning

Waking to the sound of Blue Wrens and Kookaburras. Cool enough for my fluffy gown. Wandering outside, camera in hand, I spend time to enjoy the sights of my rain washed garden. Ginger flowers opening their second flower. Rose buds awakened. Another flower on my day-lily greets the day. The grass on the lawn is long and full of weeds. It will be mown tomorrow. The sound of a single buzzing alerts me to the blue bottomed bee searching for nectar. It does not stop long enough to be photographed. Green is everywhere. Courtesy of our long arrived summer rain.

Crystal lounges on the patio, spoilt after two treats and of course wanting more. I turn on the lights on my fish tank. They waken and become more energetic. Everything begins to move. More birds chatter to greet the day. I lose count of the various types. I check my resident garden spider in her beautiful web. She has done well overnight with catching insects. Yet there are more as I feel the bite of a mozzie. Beside her my fly catchers, in competition with the fish in my pond, hidden amongst the water plants. But certainly they can catch more mozzies I feel.

The sounds of human-kind travelling to word come from the distant highway. As does the sound of a lawn mower. The world is waking, fresh and new to greet a new day. Friday. Thank goodness for Friday. It heralds a weekend of rest. My mornings are longer as my work times have changed. An extra half hour to enjoy the serenity of a beautiful morning. Today we change over our patient database to a new system. I have minutes to write up. I can see lots of laughter drowning out the few negative complainers. Such is life in a work place of people.

The clock strikes seven. It is time for me to move. To prepare for the day ahead. Breakfast shake in hand, I breathe deep and head inside. Away from the mozzies, the buzzing bee, and the crows and budgies songs. The morning rain has started again. Blue sky has disappeared behind the creamy morning clouds. Rain pelts down on the metal roof of my patio, drowning out the other sounds. The temperature dropping. I have decided to leave a little early, camera in hand. There are sights to photograph on my way to work, this glorious, magickal morning. Even in the rain.



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