image Paths parting …

It’s been a strange week. The emotions I’ve felt surrounding me. Whether they were all mine, or whether I was picking up on others, I am not fully certain. Yet I now know there was substance to the senses.

Alone again now. My weekends no longer will be spent in the happy, comfortable friendship of a lovely man. The sense of loneliness was there a few days ago. I understand it now.

Change happens so rapidly in some of our lives. So fast we are left confused and wondering. At times like this all we can do is to let go and let be and send unconditional love.

And keep moving forward, following ones own path. Wherever it takes one. For people come in to our lives for various reasons. We never know for how long.

Yet some leave a lasting impression, and bring life and meaning into our lives. And that is a most precious thing. Even when the friendship changes and we part paths. If just for a while or a lifetime.



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