image Now I know what it all means

Sweet blossom fills the air
Delicious scents I breathe them in
My mind in overdrive
Thoughts turning over
Wondering philosophising
What some things mean

Getting in touch with my feelings and senses
I listen to songs on the radio
Espousing love and lost love
And I wonder what it all means

Life flies by so swiftly
My days at work are full
My evenings tired I fall asleep on the couch
Waking confused and disoritentated
Before crawling into bed
A night filled with dreams
Their full memory just out of reach
Snippets flood my mind during the day
And i wonder what they all mean

The mornings are cooler
The sun taking longer to rise
The seasons are changing
The subtle differences abound
Loneliness pays a visit
A fleeting feeling
I let it swirl around my being
Sensing what this all means

Emotion filled days of people at work
Reactive I am in response to others
Tolerance seems to have taken a holiday
I wonder at what this all means

Change is rapid
Uncertainty in others
My dreams come back to mind
Lifes journey continues to flow
As the moon changes above us
Rain falls sweetly upon the earth
Bringing new life and filling the air
I know what this means

My barriers are down
My soul bared to the day
I sit now in quiet solitude
And listen to the sounds of the morning
Another day dawns
Experiences it brings
This time prepared
I clothe myself in a gentle cocoon

Empathic nature does not do well
To wander the earth unprotected
Open to all that is
Not a barometer today I decide
My own life is mine
To live and feel as I choose
Taking a deep breath
Shielding myself in luminescent light
Prepared am I now to venture outside



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