image Small Stones: Jan 31


Mother nature provides the most incredible sights

Unusual plants … carnivorous ones

Fly catchers extraordinaire

Beauty in colour and texture and form

Through the eyes of another

I have discovered the awesome delights

Of Hanging pitcher plants



Small Stones

one per day in January 2013


January 31st, and I have achieved my goal of participating in Small Stones throughout this month. What a wonderful experience to see the world succinctly … to focus on one thing a day. To experience the beauty that surrounds me.

Today is the last day of this challenge, yet I am loathe to finish. So I have decided to continue in this vein, as a daily habit. Not wishing to use the phrase ‘Small Stones’ as it belongs to another and their challenge, I have decided to call mine from now on ‘Magickal Moments’. Because for me, they are magickal moments. Each and every day 🙂


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