image Weekly Image of Life: Places

Opals Down Under is located at Glenview in Queensland, just off the Bruce Highway not far from Caloundra. A treasure trove of beautiful opals, rocks, minerals and fossils.

Not just a shop, but an adventure for children to ‘fossick’ amongst the small rocks for common crystals.

Complete with an outdoor entertaining area to enjoy a coffee and picnic, surrounded by playground and critters …

Tempted to perch on the back of this lovely frog

Whilst a rather scarey dinosaur watches …

Such a beautiful water feature with blue glass decorations adding colour to the sandstone rock at the entrance

Gracing the entrance are a number of large rock specimens … tiger iron’s beautiful striped patterns …

Rhodonite … pink and grey …

Amazonite (?) … it’s hard to recall what this one was

Ancient fossils from the sea embedded within this beautiful piece

Magnificent blue vein of a boulder opal. This type of opal is apparently very hard to work with. Different to the usual opals found in jewellery.

Grinding stone … an ancient tool

What an awesome round rock … not sure is mankind had a hand in this one or nature

And of course magnificent gum trees on the property.

Well worth a visit if passing by. The prices are excellent. Rob purchased a beautiful piece of amber for my birthday 🙂

Weekly Image of Life … Places

If you missed my last weeks post for Weekly Image of Life:Weekend, check out the awesome scenes from the beach at nearby Caloundra.


  1. Love everything. I felt like a kid in adventure land. Images that excites and reminds us to embrace the little child in all of us. Best one…Rob’s gift to you. That is priceless. Reminds me of the one scene in Jurassic Park and how Dinosaurs DNA was introduced in the present. Epic!

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