image Wild Weekly Challenge: Now

Wild Weekly Challenge is to photograph ‘Now’. This week. And what a week, or rather few days its has been. In the midst of extreme weather following Cyclone Oswald. Having posted a couple of posts about this weeks wild weather here and here, I selected photos of what I saw out and about …

Green tree frog ventured out of the toilet … he has now found a new home outside

The turf farm has now become an inland sea ..

Usually overlooking a lovely paddock, water now lapped just below the sea

Now the wet is here, mushrooms are sprouting everywhere .. tho this one looks a lil distorted

While this lovely group look beautiful now

Water logged and looking now for food, this beautiful kangaroo was grazing on the side of the road

Caloundra and the ground is now littered with pine leaves

Ending up covered now with sea foam on the beach

Redcliffe’s board walk damaged and now about to go under from the king tide

The ground is now water soaked, bubbles rising as the water sinks through air pockets in the soil

I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Now!

Thankyou to the tea at Lets be Wild for the honourable mention for my photo of the mushrooms and flowers 🙂 What an honour indeed 🙂



  1. Hi Jenn! Spectacular photos!

    Holding thumbs that things will return to normal in your part of the world soon. Having suffered floods here in South Africa just over a week ago we know how heart-wrenching it can be to see the devastation.

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