image Small Changes Matter

Making small changes in daily life routines make such a big difference. We under estimate the importance of simple, small changes. Frustrated at myself this morning for arriving a little late for a workshop I made the decision to do some things a little differently. These days I don’t sleep as well as I once did. I wake early. Then I ‘potter’. It’s this pottering that causes me trouble. Well not necessarily the pottering, but the fact that I do so before I get ready for work.

Having a later start today, I got side-tracked. Consequently a seriously bad hair day. I was going to somewhere I’d not been before and left it to the last minute to check the route. Cutting myself fine on time, I followed my GPS. But I didn’t allow for street parking. Thinking I could get a park at the clinic. The parking was good, close by. But I was out of coin. The meter wouldn’t read my debit card. 15 minutes later after rummaging around for coin to last me to morning tea break, I arrived at the workshop. I seriously hate being late. But for some reason this has become a bit of an issue this week.

Having this small worry gnawing at me when I arrived I decided to write briefly on my i-Phone notes my resolutions. Small changes to my routine. Sorting my work bag and handbag the night before. Ensuring my work clothes were ironed – the night before. Sorting out lunch – the night before. Rather than continually skipping or buying lunch. Showering after work. The leg shaving and hair wash the night before. This way I only need a quick shower in the morning. Making sure the dishes are done at night, and the kitchen clean rather than doing so in the morning. Charging phones, i-pad and camera in the evenings.

Basically changing my routines from morning to early evening. Rather than arriving home and ‘flopping’. And so this evening I put my new routine into place. Watered my lovely plants. They are looking so wonderful after being re-potted into bigger pots with better potting mix. This was an interesting experience as I noticed that I am more loving and gentle now with my plants. The verandah looks great after the work we did the past few weekends fixing up my plants.

My bad hair fix required a root touch up. The greys were rather too noticeable. But inadvertantly I now have darker roots with the blonde on the ends. That’s Ok. At least the greys have gone. Interestingly I feel more refreshed from showering in the evening. Yet it’s still muggy here. The fan needs to go on. Dishes will be done shortly. After my chicken and salad dinner and lunch packed for tomorrow.

For all of this, I feel better in my self. Calmer, more at ease. Being late was a blessing in disguise. It raised to my awareness a better way of living my day. Putting this new routine into practice makes me feel easier and less stressed. I know that now I am ready for work in the morning. If I choose to potter I will do so knowing that everything is prepared. I just need to keep an eye on the clock. And go to sleep a lil earlier tonight, and every night 🙂





  1. Love the flowers.
    Good advice. I make my lunch the night before but I can’t get to bed early enough with all the blogging I try to cram in (I dont have access to a computer during the day at work!)

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