image Wild Weekly Challenge: Scary

Lets be Wild challenge this week is Scary. Oh wow I’ve been waiting to post my lovely spider pics.

The incredible Golden Orb Weaving spider and her unusual and complex web.

Information gained from the Australian Museum website states the following:

The females are large, 2 cm – 4 cm whilst the male is tiny, 5 mm. Several males may surround a female on her elaborate web waiting an opportunity to mate.
They inhabit a variety of places. These were photographed in Brisbane, predominantly mangrove areas.
Their webs are semi-permanent, large and complex, forming a dome shape. I have seen both convex and concave webs. Webs are built between open spaces in trees.
Feeding predominantly on insects, the have been known to entangle small birds in their nest and feed on them.

They are not a web I would be at all happy to walk into (shivers here), tho they are not inclined to bite humans, and rarely cause a nasty bite.

They are food of course to birds. I could not resist adding a photo of this very interesting raven looking down upon us. (Not that I consider Ravens at all scarey, in fact being very fond of them).

Large female with tiny male …

Closer view …

Spider in web

Unusual large web

Different variety of the Golden Orb from the back


Waiting patiently

Beneath her web …

This one has been located the last week near work … I rarely see her move

Closeup of the web

Raven waiting …

I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Scary!


  1. I always think the Orb weavers are amazing engineers – to be able to spin such intricate webs requires some knowledge of architecture and physics, of line tension and load bearing, surely? Great pics!

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