image Frivolity and Galahs

Galahs, pink and grey birds. Noisy, sociable, such fun to watch. Their antics amusing. Common throughout Australia, they live in wide open spaces where there are enough trees to roost in. Feeding on nuts and seeds, they often descend to the grass and roadside to feed. Found in the city suburbs and often kept as pets. Their colour vivid pink and grey. Watching them fly, they are often lazy and relaxed. Circling together their wings changing colour as they turn and wheel. I heard that they and many other birds keep in formation by watching the colour of each others wings.

Outside my parents house in Memerambi, they nested in trees. Feed their young. Sit along the back fence and over the road. Their noisy chatter greeting the day and the coming dusk. Travelling in large flocks, they are often seen flying in pairs. Mating pairs. To watch them is to feel joy and peace together.

In Australia, the term ‘galah’ is often used to denote a person who is acting humourously, acting up, loudmouthed idiot. I don’t know about the idiot part. I think Galah’s would be offended. Certainly humourous and loudmouthed however 🙂



High wire early morning antics


This is where I would love a proper zoom lens to capture finer detail

Evening congregation to chatter loudly




Feeding on the nuts of the trees

King of the perch

Roadside nibblies


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