image Twilight Markets by the Sea

Caloundra. Friday night. The twilight markets are on. Wandering along the sea front, amongst Pandanas Palms. The sky slowly turning. Lights emerging. On the balconies of the apartments Christmas lights. Everywhere people wandering. Families. All ages. Lorikeets chatting noisily in the pine trees. Dogs on leads. Crystal is out on her first adventure amongst people at a market place. Usually she stays at home. This weekend I am spending time with a friend near the start of the Sunshine Coast.

Time to experiment with my camera. To see what I can create in different light settings. I am inspired by the changing light. The gentle waves of the ocean. Beautiful, calm, humid, summer evenings. What a wonderful time. It’s 30 years since I last visited Caloundra. I don’t recognise it. It has changed so much. Now, for me, it is a new place to explore and enjoy.

Looking across the ocean, Bribie Island is so very close.



The outline of the Glass house Mountains in the distance

The calmness of the ocean at dusk is incredible. Soft blues. Rocks and gentle surf.




Along the foreshore, the twilight markets are in full swing. Families gathering to share dinner, chat and relax.

As night falls, the flood lights come on, highlighting the magnificent trees lining the boardwalk

Pandanus Palm illuminated

The vertical line of lichen reaching up this tree is fascinating, highlighted by spotlights

Night lights on the ocean are always spectacular

Evening on the foreshore is such a pleasant and wonderful experience


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