image Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things That Make me Happy

What makes me happy? Well I guess I’ve already posted a blog on this before.

Last weekend I had the most delightful weekend. A weekend spent crafting. Making soy and palm candles, and melt-and-pour soaps from goatsmilk and olive oil. Spending time with a friend who enjoys crafting too. Choosing scents and colours. Mixing palm and soy waxes and moulding to see what patterns emerge. Some for presents. Some for our own use. Making a total mess in the kitchen. Equipment spread from one end to the other. Delightful aromas filling the house. I hadn’t made candles and soaps for months. It was wonderful to share with another this delightful hobby of mine.

Container and mould palm wax candles

Container palm wax and soy blend

Palm and soy wax feathered pattern moulded candles

Soy wax candle melt moulds

Goatsmilk melt ‘n pour soaps

With Christmas around the corner I decided to make cards for friends and family. Another hobby I’ve not done for a while. Admittedly they were made quickly, and still require a Happy Christmas sticker placed on them, which I need purchase tomorrow.


Being in nature makes me happy. Walking along the beach. Looking for birds. Photographing houses, trees, people, birds and the ocean. Catching images that are at times a little different. Textures. Colours. Patterns. The beauty of the world surrounding me.

This lone brightly coloured leaf caught my eye against the textured bark

One of a number of jelly fish close to the surface

Rainbow Lorikeets. A delight to watch. To listen to their noisy chatter as they flock amongst the trees in large numbers. Such a sociable, gregarious bird.


Beautiful yellow, native hibiscus.

Bush turkey. They wander throughout the cities suburbs

Willy wagtail with ‘dinner’

The beauty of the bay. Calm blue water.

The magnificence of the banyan. Strangler figs with their beautiful air roots

Being in Brisbane. Sub-tropical. Mountains, hills and so much greenery. Beautiful Queenslander houses. A dream to own my own one day. However contentment knowing this may not happen. Yet still being able to appreciate the beauty of these delightful houses.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things that make me happy.


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