image Travel Theme: Transportation

Travel Theme this week is Transportation
I remember doing assignments in school about various modes of transportation. Of course the humble car is the most common mode. But there are so many ways of transporting people. Not all are what we would initially consider as means of transportation tho.

Driving across the Nullabor plains in Australia. The road at times devoid of traffic.

Trucks. Semi-trailers. The mainstay of the movement of products around the country.

Trucks, cars, vans. People movers travelling across the Brisbane River via the massive bridges.

Travelling at times to North Stradbroke island requires water taxis. Ferries. Half an hour across the water between the island and the mainland.

Bicycles. For pleasure, exercise, and occasionally to carry our trusty four-legged companions.

Transportation means for leisure. Jet-skis.

I photographed this canoist yesterday. What I didn’t see initially untilI downloaded the photos, was another four legged companion enjoying the ride.

Hmmm. Well I suppose one pooch is getting his exercise. Skateboarder. Tho who is taking who for the run?


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