image Verbosity and a Life Full Lived

I was reading Daily Post today with tips for About pages. I just can’t do it. Can’t cut down my About page. Yes it’s verbose. But then so am I. To talk and write briefly just doesn’t cut it for me. Isn’t who I am. I wonder if my Home page isn’t rather an about page, and my about page a Bio. Perhaps my blog page or photography page are also about pages? Yet they are all rather ‘verbose’.

My mother suggests writing briefly. Keeping it to 150 words as my father did in his weekly writings for local newsletters many years ago. Again I find this hard. Certainly a challenge. Yet I wonder. Should I try? My mind goes into it’s own argument. Perhaps then I would be someone other than me? Do I compromise? Change?

Honestly I can’t see myself doing so. This is who I am. Verbose most certainly. A life fully lived. Experiences gallore. Self-aware. Thinker, analyser. One who sees beauty in the world around me. One who tries to make sense of this foreign world and humans who occupy this planet.

I am curious. Wondering what makes others tick, think, and behave as they do. I love to explore the world about me. Using every one of my senses. It has taken me a life time. Half a century to reach the stage of being content and happy with who I am. A philosopher to some extent.

Then again my mind says to me… This is MY blog, my site. I CAN and am allowed to do what I want and need for MYSELF. And so I now choose to do so. To be my own person. Living free. Eyes wide open. Creativity flowing. And yes, the words just flow out of my mind and across the page as usual. Then stop. Suddenly. Completed. My mind now at ease. I can go about my day until the next ramblings come strong with an urgency to be given life.

What do you think?



  1. I think, yes, it is your blog. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you comfortable. I’m a talker, but I like to read brief blogs, mostly. Only because of time. I wish there were 48 hours in the day. I’ve said this before. 24 for blogging and blog browsing. 24 for other trivial stuff. ;-).
    Do your thing. Otherwise it’s not yours.

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