image Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift Your Perspective

Blogging. Journalling. Writing. Telling the story of ones life. Personal experiences. Unique to each individual. Every one has a different story to tell. How day to day life affects and impacts on each soul.

I write to pull my thoughts out of my head. Sharing my life, thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions. I have always journalled or rather kept a diary of sorts. Erratically however. With good intentions of doing so daily.

Reading Stephanie Dowricks ‘Creative Journal Writing’ triggered me to become more creative in how I journal. Rather than the simply boring list of things that happened during the day. It’s a book I’m still reading. Taking what suits me and applying to my writing.

“It is fatal not to write the thing one wants to write at the moment of wanting to write it.” ~ Virginia Woolf ~

There is another or two that journal daily. Always have. A life in words. Left for their children to someday read. A reference for themselves for when, in advancing age, they want to recall specific incidents. Parents whose daily journalling have in a way influenced their daughter.

People have journalled for many years. Recording their lives in words. ‘The Diary of Anne Franks’ perhaps being the most well known. A life in war torn France. But what fascinates others to read the stories of another’s life? A way of living vicariously? To live life through another’s eyes?

“I want to write, but more than that, I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart” ~ Anne Frank ~

Photography provides an opportunity to share experiences one sees. Photo challenges provide me with an opportunity to look differently at the world around me. To expand my choice of subjects. And in doing so I experience a wider world. See the world through different eyes. My camera goes with me wherever I go. I never know what may catch my eye.

Many people world wide share their love of life through writing and, or photography. Their websites filled with wonder and beauty. The world they live in. Countries around the world. Plants, animals, scenes, architecture. The subject of photography and of writing is only limited by one’s imagination. Be it reality or fiction. Unedited or creatively edited.

“We are only limited by our minds imagination”

The ease of accessing the net. Creating one’s own website. Providing a unique and individual space to create and share with the world around us. Blogging. The modern way of keeping a diary. Both written and visual. Yet still there is a desire for many to write by hand. To sketch and doodle, and fill the pages with inspiration.

Whichever way we choose to journal or blog, write or photograph, it is a creative process. An art form. And each of us leaves a footprint on this beautiful world. Inspires others to become creative and to share their life’s experiences. And when we do so, another begins or changes their life’s path. And in so doing, finds joy and happiness and perhaps peace of mind.

“The work of writing for me can be, or can be very close to, the simple job of being: by creative reflection and awareness to help life itself live in me.” ~ Thomas Merton ~

I know why I blog. Because I enjoy doing so. So this little piece is in response to Daily Posts Weekly Writing Challenge. But it is not the first time I have written about my love of journalling. Nor I suspect the last. As life is ever changing, so am I. And my ways of writing will no doubt change. As will my photography. But to what? That is unknown.

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