image Early Morning Country Wanderings

A bit late in the week for my second post in this weekly challenge, but thats OK. I like challenges for the simple reason they give me a prompt on an idea whether for journalling, opinion pieces or photography. The theme Morning I have written a few posts on before. Primarily because these days I am often awake before the sun. Actually its been like that a few years. Averaging 3 hours sleep in a row now out to about 4-5 hours. Sometimes I return fora few hours snooze.

This Saturday morning however I am awake very early. But then I crashed out just after 10pm. So about 4 and a bit hours. It’s 3:30am as I start this blog. The reason I’m up early as I will travel shortly the 3 hours to visit my parents in the country. Returning Sunday afternoon before my working week starts again. Getting home late from work yesterday I decided I did not want to drive through beautiful country in the dark when I’m tired. Rather to experience the wonder again of country south-east Queensland in the early morning.

Sitting here in the lounge, my hair covered in dye against the rapidly advancing greys, bag packed, it is incredibly quiet. Save for the occasional Kookaburra laughing its early morning call. Crystal barks at morning sounds. She’s not at all well trained, and has a mind of her own. But she will shortly travel with me. Excited at first to get out and about. She will calm and snooze part of the way. Visiting my folks means she gets to run riot in their big back yard, tell the neighbours staffy off, and get a walk or two in the country.

Leaving at 4:45am, the roads were quiet. The sun already up in the sky. My drive is about 3 hours although its about 200 kms. The roads windy through the Blackbutt Range along the D’Aquiliar Highway. Clear soft blue skies. The Glass House Mountains clear to the north.




Poincianas abound around country homes. The early morning sun highlighting its magnificent colour.

Humid morning fogs mix with the country air in the Great Dividing Range in south-east Queensland.


Stopping as always at Kilcoy, the morning mist is still on the ground. The pond is beautiful and clear. Ducks feeding. I choose a photo for another challenge, Reflections. Watching the noisy Corellas fly around and socialise in the early morning is beautiful. I decide to post them separately along with Galahs in another post, Cockatoos.



Back in the car I continue my drive. the road primarily to myself I am able to stop as I desire to photograph the beautiful country. The country now green after recent rain. Rolling hills. Cows grazing. As always the country is magnificent.


And now and then an old property full of character.

I arrive at 8 am in time for breakfast. Crystal bolts from the car happy to be out and about. It’s lovely visiting my parents and the beautiful countryside. Mid-morning I wander down the road with my camera.

My parents day-lillies are beautiful. As are their neighbours three doors down. I stop to chat and take photos of her magnificent ruffled day-lillies.


We get to talking about card-making. She shows me her lovely selection and passes on- card-making magazines she no longer wants. Dropping in an hour or so later she gives me a selection of cut-outs for my card-making. I’m inspired to get back to this craft.

Before I head home, Crystal and I wander down to the creek. Dragonflies, blue and orange. I stand for ages watching them. Trying to get some photos. Not so happy with my selection of them today. But it is beautiful to watch dragonflies flitting across the water, diving again and again to feed.



Returning home, mum shows me the tree outside and the nests. Both mudlarks and wily wagtails are nesting. Their nests completely different. Mud larks of course build their nests from mud. Wily wagtails use cobwebs and other bits of lichen, bark an grass. The web binds the nest together.



Mornings are special. Each one completely different. Rarely does a morning indicate how the day will pan out, particularly weather wise. By the time I drove over the Blackbutt Range clouds were in the sky. Humid clouds. The weather warming up as the sun rose high in the sky before itz midday zenith. The sun rises before 5 am. Closer to 4am. To all intents, by 5:30am the morning is full underway. By 10:30am my morning has been filled with the beauty and wonder of nature and countrysides.

In response to Two Cents Tuesdays theme Morning. Started out as a usual post ended up a rather long photo blog. The scenery to beautiful to omit photos. And yes I think I managed over 200 this beautiful Saturday.



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