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Partly inspired by my girlfriends beautiful daughters 365 day photography assignment, I started to look at photography daily from a new view. Lost in Wishful Thinking is a beautiful blog full of outstanding photography. Soft, gentle and romantic, many of Hannah’s photographs are of people, including herself. An incredible eye for beautiful visual effects and an incredible taken for self-portraits, I am in awe of her wonderful photography. Yes, she completed successfully her 365 days project. Drop by her website some time.

Some photography themes I regularly participate in, enjoying them immensely. My photography hobby has allowed me to look at the world about me more closely. To enjoy the wonder and incredible sights that surround us. So many we easily miss going about our routine daily life. Talking with my girlfriend on Sunday, we discussed how photography allows us to look at the world through the eyes of the lens. How much it expands our awareness and appreciation and view on life. How photography has changed over the years with digital cameras and online editing. Gone are the days of our photography classes in school using polaroids, learning about developing film, masses of unusable print photos and the ‘hope for the best’ feeling using film camera. Both of us still have our SLR’s tucked away. Many of my favourite travel photos are printed and placed in albums, boxed in the spare room.

Dropping over to her place on Sunday for brunch, I noticed her spare room covered with old black and white photos. Gathered from her family. Cataloguing slowly, she is separating those to be sent to Ipswich somewhere. Sharing the cities history through her families photographs. Bemoaning the fact that family members had written on the front of photos, had ripped photos out of frames and burnt so many. What on earth do some people think?

I have a number of images in life I have a penchant for aiming my camera at. Trees, flowers, scenes, animals, antiques, family, the moon, sunsets and sunrises, clouds, oceans. I already participate in Sunday Stills, Wordless Wednesday, Flower Friday, amongst other weekly inspired themes from wonderful bloggers. But what about Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday? I know there are themes about the blogosphere on these days. So now I have decided to work these daily themes into my blog. Macro Monday, Tuesday Trees, Thirsty Thursday and Saturday Scenes. The latter to include sunsets and sunrises.

Photography can consume. I wonder how many different ways we can photograph the world about us. I guess the answer is ‘endless’. For life changes every second of the day. We live in a constantly changing world. A beautiful world. Where nothing is ever the same from moment to moment. And never does a scene in nature repeat itself.

I have a flash of a dream I had just before waking. Ducks, or at least birds, in a paddock. The name of them came to me during my dream but is now lost. But I remember the beautiful and strange images they presented. As always, they were not as we I see life in my waking moments. And one I cannot capture in words, photographs or art. They are captured purely in my minds eye and unfortunately I do mot have the means to share. But scenes and the world I see in my waking hours I can capture on camera.

Wordless Wednesday is published. I perhaps should have saved it for Thirsty Thursday. But I am sure I can find another, or photograph more for tomorrow. As its now the ungodly wee hours of the morning, I missed Tuesday. But I will still now post a Tuesday Trees. Because I can choose when and where to post photographs and blog on my site. A blog that I never intended to have a strong focus on photography. Yet it has become so much more a part of my life, and a wonderful hobby. As has blogging and sharing my world.

But perhaps I should get more sleep now. It’s a working weekday. And snoozing at work is not an option. Despite the call of the comfy lounge in our group room. It’s humid tonight. Difficult to sleep well. Perhaps the ceiling fan needs a workout.


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