Having just reblogged a post from a year ago I decided to see what I wrote two years ago. How time has flown, yet here I see the pain I was experiencing in so many ways. Yet I have to smile .. for I am no longer the person I was then … Life has become truly magickal along my journey .. and for this I give thanks .. Always 🙂

Serendipitous Perspectives

5:55 Sunday morning in November … Looks like it might rain …. Sun’s up in the east, grey skies coming in from the west … Rain will be very much appreciated, it’s been so dry and too warm too early ….

So many things have happened recently for me … Least since my last blog … I’ve thought about the things in my blog enough times and I need to write to take it out of my head …

Kitteh just came in from outside and has to come up and sit beside me for cuddles; she likes to sit on my hands and head-butt me so she gets attention, and of course crystal is such a jealous pooch that she wants in too 😛

Well we know life is a journey filled with many experiences … and whether we define them as good, bad or indifferent is purely our…

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