image Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Daily Post issued a Special Photo Challenge. To display photos of ourselves doing what it is that inspires us to blog …


At the beginning of time
We were already
Alive, whole, perfect
And waiting.
Never insignificant
Always majestic
But hidden
From the world at large.
To emerge new
Fully resplendent, aware.
To drift the walk
Before flying free
This is our destiny.


Is it any wonder that my life is connected
Like threads upon an endless ocean
Surrounding, winding and twirling
Upon the waves of infinity.
For who am I
But one of many
Of the resplendent and fully alive
Yet not fully awake
Working and waiting
Exploring and enjoying
Just being
Throwing all righteous beliefs to the wind
To drift into eternity
While I dance upon the waves of life


What inspires me to blog?

LIFE … As simple as that …

My mind is always full. I’m a thinker. Analyser. A creative soul.
Inspiration comes simply, easily these days. Has done the past few years. The trigger? A long dark night of the soul. One that saw me decide, with encouragement, to journal more frequently. To put my thoughts onto paper. The more I did so, the more inspiration and creativity flowed.

Simply put. My dark night opened up the gates to my creativity. Threw down the walls. And let my emotions and feelings take flight. Many, many years they were locked away in protection. Now they are free. And like a dam unblocked, they run rampant.

Life. Learning to live again. To be present. To live ‘in the now’. Enjoy every moment. Participate in the world around me. Allow my senses free reign. To see the world with new eyes.

Inspiration comes from my new home. A new city. One by myself. So many new sights, images, smells, sensations. A different environment. Since I started to blog regularly again, I started taking more photographs. Found photo and writing challenges on WordPress and others blogs. Creative inspiration through words of others. Words that triggered images, thoughts and ideas.

Inspiration flows from books, articles, blog posts, motivational quotes, movies and music. I look at the world with new eyes. Take time to reflect.

Reflection has always been a big aspect of my life. Reflecting on my past experiences. My journey through life. How my past led me to being who I am today. The people I connect with along the journey. Consideration of other peoples concepts and ideas. How they fit within myself.

Like a butterfly emerging, I now experience so much more. Live more fully. Therein comes inspiration. I allowed my mind to fly free. Shook off the shackles of the past. Beliefs and concepts that no longer have meaning. Learnt to accept myself and opened up to the world at large.

Life. Beautiful in every aspect. Even the not so pleasant aspects give inspiration. At times a rant. Needing to get things out of my mind. Look at them from another angle.

I blog now because I enjoy doing so. Because I have made it a positive part of my life. Because I want my words and images out in the open. Because it allows me to look back and consider where I was. To track my progress. And to recall positive aspects when life turns grey at times.

This morning I decided to take self portraits outside on my patio. A place I most frequently write from. Sitting beneath the shaded porch. Sun shining onto the green garden. Surrounded by my plants. The birds singing. Quiet solitude. In peace I journal, reflect and let life flow around and through me. The sun was shining. The effects from the suns rays an interesting aspect. I decided to let these photos be as they were taken. Unedited.

Life’s light inspires me …



  1. Jenn, thank you so much for visiting my entry, yours is wonderful, your poetry is inspiring 🙂 These lines, they mean so much! Wonderfully written! ♥

    “Is it any wonder that my life is connected
    Like threads upon an endless ocean
    Surrounding, winding and twirling
    Upon the waved of infinity.”

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