image Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Monotone

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Monotone

From Cee’s explanation, quoting from …

Color Schemes for Interiors – Monotone and Monochromatic

Monotone Color Scheme

This scheme, sometimes called monotonal, uses one color, and one color only, with little variation in value or saturation. That is, lighter and darker variations on the color are not part of the overall scheme, nor are duller or brighter variations of that color.

The basic color of the scheme does not have to be the color at its full chroma. For instance the color chosen could be a celery green.

Monochrome Color Scheme

This color scheme is similar to the monotone color scheme in that it uses one color. However, in the monochrome scheme that one basic hue can vary in value and saturation. Even the hue can vary a bit.

So, that one color can range from white with a tinge of the color, to a vary deep shade of the color.

In photography most people consider monochrome black and white photography but for this challenge I want to see color.”

My world is full of colour. It is interesting to note the difference between monotone and monochrome. The latter I find fascinating and have added a blog with some photos I consider monochromatic. Monotonic however I do not like. I find it too flat. Lacking in life. I love contrasting, complementary and highlighting colours.

As noted monotone is basically one tone of a colour. Monochromatic can be shades of one colour.

This was a difficult challenge in terms of finding photos that are monotone and not monochrome. in fact I think the two areas do cross frequently.

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Monotone or Monochrome?


Join in the fun of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge each week.



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