image A Word a Week Challenge: Flower

Flower … The theme for A Word a Week Challenge this week.

Well I guess my blog is full of flower photos. Particularly day-lillies and gardens. I participate in Flower Friday and showcase some of my faves there. Just enter ‘flower’ into the search engine on my blog here and numerous posts will show up.

I love flowers. And herbs, plants, and trees, and gardens.
My favourite flowers?
Day-lillies, roses, orchids, lavenders.
I love Australian natives, particularly grevilleas.
I love their colour, fragrance, texture.
I love their healing power.

There really isn’t a flower I don’t love. Actually there is … Oleanders and Lantana. The first highly poisonous. My mother tells how she caught me before I fed my youngest brother Oleander leaves. No I wasn’t trying to poison him (I think) but then I would’ve been about 4, and always a curious child. I did try to get them to eat mud pies with tasty grass tho. Lantana grows wild. Is now a weed here in Queensland. As are so many introduced plants. Lantana also smells suspiciously like cat’s pee. Don’t believe me? Please take my word for it.

I have numerous books on herbs and gardens.
I love making potpourri. It fills my home.
I love the scent of flowers in my house

I love using Flower Essences. Natures remarkable remedy. I have three sets I use in my healing practice. Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Flowers and Immanescence (Western Australian Bush Flowers). I have quotes on my home page from Edward Bach. An English physician of the nineteenth century who discovered their use. Of course I have numerous books on flower healing.

Every country in the world uses flowers and plants in traditional healing. Western Herbal and Chinese Herbal Medicine are well-known in the modern world. Herbalism and Flower Healing has been with us since the dawn of time. Perhaps the oldest healing remedies of all time. Women have been predominantly the healers using plants through out time. By nature of the gatherer. Until they were classed as witches by the Church and burned at the stake for their long-held wisdom, knowledge and healing. (Or was it partly because males did not like the power that women held within this arena? That is worthy of another post entirely). Wherever there is a plant that causes pain or problems, there will be its antidote in nature close by.

I just posted a photo blog on the Illawarra Flame Tree and its spectacular flowers.
I have a section under photography titled ‘In my Garden where I have most of my flower and garden photos. Please take time to check them out. They are beautiful.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” ~ Gerard De Nerval

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen

β€œThe earth laughs in flowers.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seen around the neighbourhood …
Apricot Frangipani … heavenly scented
Tree orchid … Oncidium ?
Pink Hippeastrum
African Iris

In my Garden, Brisbane …
Lemon Day Lily

In my Garden, Perth …
Fragrant Cloud Rose bud
Bonica Rose
White Mandevilla
White Daisy … Osteospernum
Buster had to always be around when I got my camera out. Setting up some shots for my Flower Tea …
Chrysanthemum and Jasmine flower teas are stunning and delicious. The wrapped flower opening within hot water to release the tiny flower.


    • thankyou so much πŸ™‚ unfortunately i cant give him hugs 😦 he stayed in Perth with my kids but they give him heaps and keep me updated with his antics πŸ™‚

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