image Sunday Post: Architecture

Jakesprinters Sunday Post challenge this week is a favourite subject in general of mine. Architecture. Buildings have always fascinated me. As have bridges. My first choice as a career was Architecture, followed by Civil Engineering. Life circumstances however saw me pursuing a different field. Yet my love for buildings and structures remains. From early dwellings through classics, medieval, renaissance and baroque. Every corner of the world. Sadly my Europe photos, a mass of cultural buildings, were taken pre digital. My mind drifts back to the splendour and wonder of buildings and their architectural design throughout England and Europe. One day they will be scanned electronically. Hmm perhaps I should check how to transfer photo film to computers.

A few years ago I visited Singapore. We were given a 30 something floor room. Initially much to my horror. However, the views were spectacular. The buildings below incredible. Construction was underway on three massive towers. The difference between the modern and the old stark. I love detail in historical buildings. Intricate sculptures. Soft yet defined lines. In contrast to repetitive simple geometry. Whilst I find modern buildings interesting in their feats of construction, they never compare to the detail, beauty and love inherent in buildings from pre 1900. Modern buildings warrant a cursory inspection. Historical buildings deserve long observations. So much detail that can be missed unless you take time and look carefully. And then there was a reproduction hut at the Zoo. Stunning in simplicity. A reminder of another era in history.

This selection of architecture in Singapore. Contrasting images.













    • thankyou πŸ™‚ i didnt even realise the 3D effect til you mentioned it . just took the photo looking upwards .. but then i straightened it in editing … πŸ˜€

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