Almost three months ago I made the decision to blog regularly. Expecting I would post once a day. Oh dear, not the case. In fact often three or more times. Challenges in writing and photography. Inspiration to write my thoughts and heart out. A renewed acquaintance with my camera resulting in a wonderful new digital camera. Poetry and prose coming through. Thoughts on music. Sharing my fathers wisdom and that of others. Interactions with other wonderful bloggers.

All in all, a total new lease on life. An opportunity to clear my mind. To share, shamelessly. To view the world differently. My eyes now more aware of what is around me. The beauty in daily life. The joy and laughter and pure bliss of living my own life. No it is not always wonderful. There are down times. Memories surface. I work through emotions and feelings. Try to come to grips with my empathic nature.

The list of things I intend to blog about long. The mystery of life. Musings and reflections. Thoughts and opinions (of which I have unlimited supply). But it does consume. Does take time. I have to tear myself aware from my laptop and iPad. Force myself to include other activities that I enjoy. But it is a good life. A good way of reconnecting with myself.

I am amazed as I look at the stats. Not a reason for blogging. But interesting when I found the page and noticed that different symbols appear in the top right hand corner. Likes and follows that lead me to other wonderful pages. That inspire me. Motivate and enthuse me.

And time to comment to those who do cross my page … Thankyou always for visiting. For liking and commenting. It means so much. Encourages me. Gives a warm glow inside. That is so important in all our lives. I think we take it often for granted and do not realise how much a simple sentence or word can bring light into the soul.

Did you know that under each tab on my website is a page for the actual tab, offering an explanation of what I enjoy writing and photographing and a little more about me. Go click on About Jenn, Photography, Blog, Kinesiology, My Fathers Words, Music Musings … and have a look if you haven’t already. Under each tab is a drop down list .. challenges, blogs, poetry, musings. A variety of posts categorised. Use the search button to find more on a subject. I finally ‘tagged’ my posts.

OK I am doing a shameless plug, but hey, how else do we share information, inform others, but to be up front 🙂 One lesson I have learnt to grab by the horns in recent years. No longer will I hold myself back. There is no reason 🙂

Life is for living … and live we do 🙂

Brightest Blessings Beautiful Bloggers



  1. There is something magical and healing about blogging. It helps shift any feelings of isolation when I pop to the stats page and look at the world map……so amazing to think that words typed in my home are being viewed across the globe 🙂

    • Definitely agree .. Its pretty amazing to see where people read from .. To see how others live, react and respond … Makes you realise you are not alone 🙂

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