image Reminiscing

Whilst perusing my photo archives on my iPad this morning, I came across a number of photos taken in Perth some years ago. A day my two teenagers and my parents and I went for a drive to beautiful Kings Park in the heart of Perth.

Photos taken by my then 13-year-old daughter. Looking closely at them for the first time in a number of years brought back memories of this beautiful day. Of the city I called home for half of my life. The most isolated capital city in the world. One very different to my new city of residence. Perth is in the temperate zone. Hot, dry summers. Cold, wet winters. A beautiful city nonetheless. King’s Park is renowned for its beauty.

Looking at the photos I catch a glimpse into my daughters creative mind. I see a little of how she see’s the world. The photos posted here are all hers. (As any mother does, I framed them for her).

Black Swan .. hence the Swan River … Swans in Australia are black .. not white …
Sturt Desert Peas … grow in the desert … stunning plants
Raven … a favourite bird of mine
Bark on the tree … interesting perspectives …

Love the way this little group of ducks is wandering straight for her .. nothing unusual tho

Ducks .. of course
Mothers Memorial at Kings Park .. one of the most popular picnic areas in the city
Interesting take on fern leaves
hmmm idk what these are
Oh wow she caught a dragonfly in flight
War Memorial eternal flame
Beautiful Swan River
Perth city skyline
Tomato Sauce (ketchup) waiting to be slathered on her chips (fries)


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