gallery Wonderful

There is nothing more wonderful than the end of a full day.
Climbing into bed crawling beneath blankets.
Feeling the soft support beneath a tired body.
Spreading out. Stretching every muscle and limb.
Before totally relaxing and letting go.
Sinking into a wonderfully supportive pillow.
Lights out. Quiet solitude.
Time to allow mind, body and soul to rest.
To dream to allow unconscious thoughts to go where they will.
Ah what bliss. What peace. What sweet relief.

Perhaps …
Physically yes .. Emotionally maybe … Mentally – ‘yeah right’.
What dreams will visit me tonight?
Will my mind allow a simple sifting?
Memories and experiences of the day?
Like sorting chaff from wheat.
Or will they take me to another planet? Another world?
Do I have work to do in my slumber?
Or will I be allowed my simple rest?
As much as I love the places I visit. The scenery I see.
Tonight I am tired and wish for serenity in my sleeping hours …
For once ..


Inspired by Jakesprinters Sunday Post theme Wonderful, I penned the above after my Wonderful day yesterday.

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