image Sunday Post: Wonderful

How wonderful was my day yesterday. My son with me. A day to travel the hour or so down south to my girlfriends place at Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast Hinterland. A day started early before dawn. Editing and posting photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge. A couple of hours morning nanny nap (no I’m not a nanny, but I like my naps). I counted almost 200 photos taken yesterday. Hmm now the hard part to sort and edit. And this weeks theme by Jakesprinter is Wonderful. Ah how wonderful to have an inspiring prompt to journal about.

Is this where I comment that this is a rather looooooong post with a heap of photos?

So here I am, Sunday morning, waking to beautiful rain. A wonderful feeling. Not so early today on account of my late night last night. Yet only a handful of hours sleep as is sadly my usual these days. A sign of approaching age, heaven forbid, or a result of too many years shift-work. Either way tis irrelevant. But now I have the wonderful opportunity to blog and post my visual journal of a wonderful day

Travelling every work day to the bayside, I cross the awesome Sir Leo Hielscher bridges. Two bridges, both 6 lanes, spanning the Brisbane River. Toll bridges. Thank goodness I receive a vehicle allowance. My son is with me. Directions given to snap pics of the bridge. Something I cannot do alone when driving alone. And sadly no good place to stop and snap a photo. The windows cleaned prior so he can snap through the windscreen. I need to find out where I can do so. Perhaps on a side street.



Travelling south I turn off to head to the coast. Now you can drive the motorway bypassing the spectacular Gold Coast. But we have left early. Time to stop and check out the sights. Needing to stop along the way I follow my nose. The spectacular Metricon Stadium appears. Instructions to my son to snap photos. Again I cannot stop on the road. Hmmm they really must include vantage stops for us who like to snap pics. Tho I am learning not to be so self-conscious with my camera now.


Heading to Broadbeach I spot an incredible high-rise apartment building. The architecture draws me in. How fitting for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry. A second one hides behind the first. Another depicts the influence of middle eastern money and influence. So many incredible feats of architecture. The changing styles over many years. I suspect this in itself a photo-blog on its own.



Broadbeach. I had forgotten the beaches here are white as well. At times golden though. Surf life saving moments. An opportunity to see the beach through different eyes. My camera is in hand. Not for family fun shots today. So much to see.


Back in the car and down to Burleigh Heads. My favourite beach on the Gold Coast. More beach photos. How lucky am I to see a couple playing ‘catch’. The gentle waves on the sandy beach. The feel of the wonderful sand beneath my bare feet.


Returning to the car a wonderful sight. An old chevie. Still left-hand drive, it hasn’t been converted to right-hand drive. Pristine condition. I have to be the wide-eyed photographer and check out the angles. Photos on my iPhone, Instagramed and messaged to my daughter in Perth. She loves American muscle cars.


Another side stop to the headland at Burleigh. Two weddings in progress. No photos tho of the weddings. But surfers on the point. A popular spot. Great surf. Tho today is mild. The views back along the coast show the incredible beach front that is the Gold Coast. A mecca for tourists. Especially Victorians down south. They flock north to catch the sun and warmth.




Time to head inland to my girlfriends. The mountains in view. Crossing a bridge, and with time to spare, I sidetrack. What a wonderful creek. Serene. Simple. A fellow fishing, another casting a net. No luck today.




Spotting cows in the paddock I have to go and say hello. M loves cows. In fact in the morning she had dragged her husband to the Small Breeds show. She’s decided she likes the Galloway best. Now she is working on convincing her husband to get country acreage in the not so distant future. With cows.


S lives in the Tallebudgera Valley. She has three beautiful miniature horses. And a very large, beautiful, 8 month old puppy. They call her a lucky dip. We suspect she has Great Dane in her. Her tail a serious weapon wagging furiously.




My friends acreage houses a beautiful tree. Wide open spaces, and a peaceful country atmosphere. Yet it is only 10 minutes from the fast paced life of the Gold Coast, and an hour from Brisbane.

Leaving the kids behind to entertain themselves, we head to Burleigh for tea at the Surf Club. My son spends the evening with my girlfriends sons. We are lucky to have beautiful boys. I get hugs from all of them. Delicious meal in great company. Old friends and new. And my girlfriends brother. I hadn’t seen in 30 years. Now a man full-grown, no longer a teenage younger brother. My three girlfriends and I. 32 years ago we were doing our nursing training together. The other three had gone to high school together. I was the one newly arrived from the west coast. Ahead of my family as they returned east to live. Welcomed into their beautiful friendship, we have remained close friends. One of the reasons I returned to the east coast. To be with my long time friends again. The last of four of us turning the wonderful age of 50. You do know that the nifty fifties are the new forties.

Returning we indulge. M prepares the delicious pavlova. H brews a beautiful coffee on his barista machine. We discuss and debate coffee-making. The conversation turns to childhood camping holidays. We discuss the potential of small business among the travelling grey nomad set. Coffee and massage. perhaps a travelling GP and nursing support. I suspect that given the opportunity, we all may one day join the grey nomads. But for now we indulge in our wonderful lives. Filled with light and laughter and wonderful blessings. For now all four of us are again in the one state. I am the last to return. My dear friend the only one who stayed in Brisbane during the past 30 years.

It is a wonderful feeling to return ‘home’. To be again with dearly loved friends. Saying goodnight. We each tell the other we love them. Hugs all around.

Driving home late at night, my son and I chat. The time flies. We are home. Greeted by a very hungry yet happy Crystal. And then the wonderful feeling of falling into bed. Comfortable. To sleep. A wonderful day filled with wonderful memories, vistas and wonderful friendship. What a wonderful world we live in. How wonderful is my life.

Inspired by the theme Wonderful, and with beautiful memories, I penned a short piece Wonderful before falling asleep.

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  1. Your wonderful photos bring that whole area alive for me. I’m almost wishing I was there as the day down here in s.w. Victoria is turning grey and wet

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