image Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry – Church

WordPress Daily Post weekly photo challenge this week is Geometry

I love buildings and architecture. My first desire was to do architecture. But this didn’t eventuate. Saturday last my son and I visited Nudgee Beach and Sandgate. The former has is an incredible mangrove wonderland. The latter a plethora of beautiful buildings.

I have recently posted a blog on Maryborough and the beautiful buildings there. Photos that would suit this theme well.

Hard to decide which set to use I am posting two contributions to this challenge. My other contribution is Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry – Nature

Taken at Sandgate, a beautiful old church now converted to a child care centre. I couldn’t resist posting the last pic which caught my eye and made me laugh.






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    • Thankyou 🙂 architectural geometry is amazing when you realise the structures are old … What craftmanship to create such wonderful buildings 🙂

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