image Saturday Country Wanderings

Saturday morning. Up early. The freshness of the country so beautiful. A light haze in the sky. Fires burn in the distance. Small ones. A common occurrence. A cigarette flicked carelessly out the window. Controlled burns on farms.

A full day today with my parents and my son. They’ve not seen each other in eighteen months. It’s been hard on them all. Ending the marriage, selling the house meant my parents had to find a new home too. They returned to Queensland. My mothers birthplace. Close to my cousins. Mum is the last of her generation. Despite the upheaval mum and dad look well. Country life certainly agrees with them. Tho they are as always conscious of getting a little older.

But life changes, people grow, apart, and together. Decisions made that affect many. Yet we cannot stand in one place. We need to find happiness. As they say, sometimes good things fall apart so even better ones come together. Without the major changes that occurred in my life over the past 4 years, I would not be living a happier life in Brisbane. My parents would not have found a lovely place in the country. Nor reconnected so closely with my mothers sisters family. My daughter would not be doing better at school. My son would not be finding his own way in life. And this weekend in the country would not have occurred.

Indeed, I would not have grown so much, experienced wonderful opportunities, nor be the person I am today. And I like who I am. I am closer to my parents. I learnt to understand so much more, put things into perspective, and found my true self again.

Walking this morning, we ventured up the hill. I do this every time I visit. The scenery changes. The colours of the earth rich in the spring. Looking for birds. Feeling the rich earth beneath my feet. This land is of the red earth. No Perth sand beneath our feet. Silky Oaks in flower. Hills surrounding. My mother missed the hills of Queensland. Western Australia is flat. I love the rolling views. The ever-changing seasons. The trees in their magnificence. To walk this land is to be conscious of a very different connection with the world. This is the land of my mothers childhood. Close to the land of her mothers people. Our bloodline.






Silky Oak in flower

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