image Kilcoy

Friday morning. Up early to collect my son flying in from Perth on the 5:15 am flight. The overnight red-eye. He’s visiting for a week. Sharing the week of his 21st birthday.


After a long day the previous day, I made another 3 hour drive. This time up through the beautiful Somerset and South Burnett Regions to my parents. The scenery is wonderful. The day perfect. clear blue skies. My camera out of the box and close at hand. Crystal is being problematic, finding it hard to settle with Cen with us. My son sleeps most of the way.


Hard pressed to choose which one of the beautiful towns I like best. Kilcoy, home of the Yowie, Australia’s equivalent of Big Foot and the Yeti. With a population of about 4,500, it was established in the 1840’s. I always break my trip here, either at the creek or the ‘yowie park’.







Returning home yesterday, the sky is overcast, the odd sprinkle of rain. Yet still the beauty of Kilcoy nestled amongst rolling hills is idyllic.




The wooden Yowie statue at Kilcoy


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