gallery Friendship Friday: Bucket List

Bucket List? I’ve seen this term bandied around. But what on earth is it? A list of things we put in a bucket? What we want to do? Would like to do? Why bucket? Time to Google … again. No, obviously I never got around to watching the film “The Bucket List”. Ahh … things I want to do before I die, before I kick the proverbial bucket.

Googling more I see that some people actually have a formal ‘bucket list’. Well that’s something I certainly don’t have. Not even an informal one. This of course sets my mind to wondering what on earth I would put on my list of things I want to do before I die. Contemplating. Tossing things around in my mind. Nope. Not a list at all. A single, solitary item. A big one.

What goes in my bucket list? One that so many want, and so few seem to have …

The beautiful loving relationship with someone special. Where I can be totally my own self. To fully experience this thing called ‘love’. To be ‘in love’ and to be loved equally back in return. Total acceptance. Unity. Companionship. I want what my parents and brother and a few close friends have. The one special relationship where another ‘completes’ me. Brings light into my often dark world.

This is my one solitary item in my ‘bucket list’.

But why only this item? It’s something I FEEL I have never FULLY experienced.

As to everything else that often goes into a bucket list …

  • Travel – Europe, Britain, America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand …done that .. add Papua New Guinea on a youth exchange as well. OK I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland, and to the New England area in the USA. Canada would be nice. Africa and the Middle East. But they are not necessarily things I ‘definitely’ want to do, nor would I feel deprived if I do ‘kick the bucket’ before seeing these places. They go in the “nice to do but it’s cool if I don’t” bucket.
  • Write a book – perhaps. Not vital. Would be fun. But I blog on my site. I write here.
  • Gliding … that I would like to experience. And yet I have done so in my dreaming state at night.

This gets me to thinking about my life and everything I  HAVE done. I guess in many ways I have already filled my ‘bucket’.

  • Visited Europe … wandered the Catacombs. Switzerland. Italy – Pompeii, the Colosseum, Capri, Florence and Venice. France, Monte Carlo.  Ah but I missed the Louvre. It would be nice to return to France one day.
  • Britain … Cornwall, Tintagel, Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, Glastonbury and the moors. Simply beautiful.
  • Disneyland in LA and Euro Disney, Universal Studios, Las Vegas. The rockies would be awesome to visit.
  • Roller-coaster in Australia … and only a small one, but a never to be repeated experience.
  • Danced under a full moon, in the rain and in a thunderstorm.
  • Snow skied and grass skied … resulting in knee injuries carried to this day but worth it.
  • Outback Australia bird-watching … not my ideal choice at 16 but in hindsight beautiful memories.
  • Coffee at Harrods.
  • Shook hands with a Prime Minister.
  • Spoken in public more than enough times.
  • Studied and have enough ‘initials’ after my name.
  • Raised two beautiful, well-adjusted children … now young adults.
  • Driven across Australia more than enough times.
  • Painted, sketched, cross-stitched, patch-worked and quilted and many more craft activities.
  • Pottery, ceramics, paper-crafts, beaded jewellery, candles and soaps all worked with.
  • Cloth-dolls and teddy bears.
  • Watched the sun rise and set over the ocean numerous times.
  • Lain under a star-filled sky.
  • Climbed a (sorta) mountain.
  • Rode a horse, a camel (not an elephant tho). Ah but I’ve never been on the back of a motor-bike.
  • Snorkled but never scuba-dived. Tried my hand at surfing (a complete failure).
  • Fished from the river and dinghies and caught more than enough fish to eat.
  • Gone camping numerous times.
  • Rode the Shotover Jet in New Zealand.
  • Driven the Bathurst race track.
  • Won a Champion athlete award at school… the year they decided to give photos not trophies grrr.
  • Topped my class. Won an essay competition. Modeled.
  • Had an article published in a magazine .. work related.
  • Edited a local group magazine.
  • President of the P & C. Raised money for air-conditioning.
  • Sponsored children.
  • Renovated.
  • Sang in public … not just Karaoke. OK it was a music camp but I did sing.
  • Learnt to play music. Piano and guitar. Yes I can (sorta) blow on a didgeridoo. Ah I have never played on a drum set.
  • Moved to Brisbane. Set up my own house (rental is cool).
  • Have the perfect job. Abundance.
  • Loving family and friends. Meeting wonderful new people.
  • Receiving support, encouragement, acceptance and appreciation.
  • Oh preached a sermon in church.
  • Held the hand of people of all ages as they passed from this life. Brought them back to us.
  • Helped take another’s pain away. Counselled and supported.
  • Set up my healing room.
  • Massaged sore muscles and watched a friend dance out of my room.
  • Seen a ghost.
  • Felt physically others emotions and pain.
  • Seen the results of kindness and compassion to a fellow human being.
  • Swam in freezing cold water (and won a bet).
  • Held a snake. Petted a kangaroo, koala. Got over my fear of spiders.
  • Ran cross-country (at school) … and won.
  • Danced a maypole dance, and a highland sword dance.
  • Danced with a friend to a song in front of an audience.
  • Lived amongst locals in Papua, experiencing their traditional way of life.
  • Dressed in medieval costume and feasted and danced as ‘Lady Gwenwyfar’.
  • Set up my own business, and web page. Registered my business name.

Wow the list goes on. My life has been and is truly magickal.  Full of opportunities and experiences. Too many to count. I am living my magickal life. Right now. Right here.

Taking time to consider a ‘bucket list’ is a wonderful opportunity to stop and look back. To see what I have done. What I have achieved. How in my own way I set my bucket list early in life and achieved it. Admittedly I put effort into it. Took a ‘why not’ spontaneous view of life and went for it. Having a rather hyper-active and intense personality as well enabled me to enact my drive and motivation. To get what I wanted to do. To make time in my life to do so.

To me ‘the bucket list’ concept feels like a ‘one day I will do this’ dream. But ‘one day’ never comes. It’s always in the future. Today is the now. Where we do what it is we want to do. Don’t put off til tomorrow what your dreams are. Don’t pile them in a rusty bucket of life of unfulfilled desires. I have no intention of kicking the bucket with outstanding things that I want on my ‘To Do’ list. I am too busy filling it as I live my life fully each moment. What about you? What have you already filled your bucket with? How much have you to be thankful of ‘achieving’ in your life?

If  Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback is a beautiful (heavy rock) ballad that to me sums up why we should not let our ‘bucket list’ be a ‘gonna do one day’ list. (Too long to post here and what I also want to write about in terms of this song, I have posted in a separate blog …  If Today was Your Last Day.

Find out what others have on their bucket list at Create with Joy

Thankyou again to Create with Joy for highlighting my last weeks post on Social Media 🙂



      • I know and I was commenting on two separate topics: Your completed list (doable things that you’ve done) and your one goal (also doable for you in my mind)… 😆 What I should have done was to start a new paragraph encouraging you to go for your dream relationship… So Go for it! 😉

    • Thankyou 🙂 I love your challenges. They simply inspire me, and away goes my mind and fingers. I find it so beneficial to reflect on my life, which your themes trigger 🙂 this weeks contribution now up .. I’m sure it has a lot to do with your blog title Create with Joy. Because thats what I end up doing .. Recalling the moments of joy in my life 🙂 that I am very thankful for 🙂 Bright Blessings

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