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Beautiful photos and a lovely story … Maggies have always held a special place for me 🙂

Memories are made of this

We had a magpie family that visited us every day.

In 1998 when we moved to Australia a magpie with a deformed foot came calling. He soon became a regular visitor and we called him Andy (he was “handicapped” with one claw missing!!!) After a while, with Jack feeding him, he became very tame and then brought along his mate. We called her Ladybird.

Each year they would bring over the babies to introduce them to us. Most years they just had 2. We loved to sit on the front deck and watch them as they would play, mock fighting, rolling around together on the lawn and gradually gaining confidence in us.

As the new breeding season approached the parents would harass and chase the youngsters away. The young ones disappeared to find their own way in the world and the season would start all over again.

During the breeding season Andy would…

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