gallery Just another day in Paradise

Nature keeps me serene, calm. Trees are incredibly life giving, soul strengthening.

Every day when I drive the 45 minutes from Northside Brisbane to the Bay to work, I travel the Motorway. At times a jam packed two lanes through the wetlands before emerging to 4 lanes then 6 across the massive bridges spanning the Brisbane River, before eventually heading east to the bay. If I’m extra blessed I score a 25 minute ferry ride to Stradbroke Island to our main clinic.

Peak hour traffic on Australia’s No. 1 highway involves playing with semi-trailer trucks, tradies, families and regular commuters like me. The highway travels completely around the coast of Australia. Through Brisbane it is a major route north to south.

But the views. How blessed am I that every day, in peak hour, I travel through beautiful tree filled wetlands.most of my days travel is through bush. Yet I am in the capital city of Brisbane. A large, vibrant, thriving city. Two years ago devastated by floods. Today there is no evidence of the destruction that hit, cost lives, and made world news. Brisbane and Queensland are resilient people. Beautiful, friendly, welcoming and relaxed in this wonderful sub-tropical city that I now have the pleasure of calling ‘home’.

Just another day in paradise …








  1. Hear! Hear! how lucky are we to live in such a beautiful country. After 5 months on the road I am ready for some time out to enjoy our summer on the Goldcoast…

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