gallery A Word a Week Challenge: Colour

A Word a Week’s challenge this week is Colour. Once a week skinnywench, aka Sue, dips into her old English Oxford dictionary and picks a word on the page that it falls open at. ‘The challenge is to post a picture, poem, story – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.’

Every colour of the rainbow…


Colour conjures us feelings. Creates emotions. Positive and negative. Is it any wonder that the sight of a rainbow on a grey sky, golden sunrises and sunsets, warms the heart and sparks a flame inside the soul?


Colour therapy is becoming more popular. Interests in auras through the use of krilian photography is acknowledged as away of assessing moods. These are conscious uses of colour to identify and change mood. The popular mood ring. We use colour to identify our emotions. We talk in terms of colour. Feeling blue. Green with envy. Red hot. Yellow bellied. Black moods. Feeling peachy. We equate pink with love, red with passion. I’m sure there are more.


We notice people who dress colourfully. Those whose dress is drab. Conflicting. The old saying blue and green should never be seen. We determine eras in history. The dark ages. Psychedelic sixties. Orange and green, purple and brown through the seventies. Colourful eighties. (Think Boy George).


Colour is labelled according to fruit and plants and animals. Peach. Lemon. Orange. Plum. Lavender. Moss green. Olive green. Peacock blue. We use colour to describe scenes. Red earth. Blue sky. Grey clouds. Aqua seas.


Chakras, meridians and five element theory in Chinese Medicine strongly correlates to the colours of the rainbow. Red base, orange sacral, yellow solar, pink and green heart, blue throat, purple third eye and white crown for the chakras. Yellow Earth, Blue Water, Green Wood, Purple Metal, Red Fire


Pastel colours are calming, soothing. Hospitals use soft greens and pinks. Bright colours are vibrant, energetic. Orange, red and yellow. Advertising uses colour. Fast food outlets in red and yellow is intentional. We eat fast and move out. Restaurants use muted tones to keep patrons in, spending more, staying awhile. Blue can be cold and chilly or calming. Red, orange and yellow warming. Green and violet soothing. Houses in hot Australia rarely use warm tones in decor, preferring cooler tones. But to decorate a northern hemisphere home in cool colours accentuates the feeling of cold. Some homes are decorated in stark black and white, devoid of colour, seemingly clinical and unwelcoming. Other homes are very colourful, tending to over stimulation. Yet others are softer tones, floral and gentle, creating peace and calm.


As individuals we favour different colours in our wardrobes. Where orange suits one person it clashes on another. Some wash out wearing pastels. Others find bright colours overwhelming. We create images around colour. Red cars go fastest, then yellow. Black cars are sexy (except when they’re dusty). White is family and boring.


So if you’re feeling flat, don’t wear grey, blue or black. Choose a lively colour, yellow, or orange. If you need extra stimulation choose red. Wanting to mellow out? Choose a soft blue. To get in touch with nature choose greens and browns. Violet tones are considered spiritual, (or sexually deprived). Needing to love and nurture yourself? Choose pink or green.


Colour surrounds us every moment of our lives. Even black and grey have shades of colour at times. Nature is full of colour. Shades of every colour of the rainbow. Blending together, contrasting and standing out. Harmonising and blending. Rarely is nature a clash of colour. That is the realm of humans.


I love colour. But for me, I enjoy colour most in a beautiful garden. My friend is colour blind. She does not see certain colours. I have no idea how that must be. Yet that is all she has known. I see full colour. How easy to take colour for granted.


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