gallery How to Enjoy a Beautiful Saturday Afternoon – Shorncliff

Walking along the foreshore, Shorncliff, with a newly shorn Crystal. What a fantastic, beautiful Saturday afternoon in Spring. From shaggy dog to very closely shorn, with bows in her hair, Crystal and I decided to take camera and meander along the beautiful foreshore at Shorncliff in Brisbane. Not 10 minutes away, it’s an incredibly enjoyable way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Unlike previous ventures, the waters of Moreton Bay were grey and rough. The tide was in. The walk through Sandgate to Shorncliff is about 5 km each way. We didn’t walk the whole length, but strolled along enjoying the scenery.

Families picnicking, balloons out in celebration. Such a multicultural group. Parents pushing babies in prams. Kids playing. Families swimming, couples sunbathing. Dogs of all description out and about. Cyclists of all ages. The elderly gentlemen riding and chatting. The delightful sight of a middle-aged, over weight lady, her green dyed hair peaking out from her helmet, tattoo of a bird on her right ankle, as she rode gracefully along on her purple bike.

And what a feast. Kite-boarders at Sandgate. Coloured sails above the bay as they flew over the waves, jumping and turning. Ah if only I was young again and had the strength to join in. The backdrop, the Glass House mountains on one side, the bay islands in front, and to the right, the port of Brisbane.

Overlooking the bay, the beautiful old Queenslander houses. A dream to buy and live in one. Waking each morning to a rising sun over the water. Moreton Bay Fig trees. Their beautiful roots spreading out across the land. Palms. Gum trees. Incredible trunks. Lorikeets in the trees chatting noisily. Young Miners seated below a fig. Squawking for food.

Along the creek, families fishing. In hope of a feed. The low tide in the creek. Sea birds sitting on the mud flats. Fishing boats and yachts moored amongst the mangroves. People of all ages out and about drinking in the beauty of this lovely city. And me, stopping to catch a shot with my camera. Crystal not so patiently in the back seat. Eager to get out and explore at each stop. Drinking in the vistas on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Such a magickal life.

Breakwater at Shorncliff
Shorncliff Pier … currently closed while they renovate
Kite boarding / sail boarding / wind surfing … choose a name
Solitary kite boarder
Young Miner
Beautiful Gum tree at the park
Beautiful Queenslander at Shorncliff
Fishing at Cabbage Tree Creek
Love the roots of the tree
For Sale … a beautiful Queenslander
In contrast … Sandgate looks like this at low tide on a beautiful blue day


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