gallery Weekly Writing Challenge: Easy as Pie

Ah Weekly Writing Challenge this week is on Similes and/or Metaphors. Oooh sweet as a cherry topped chocolate coated vanilla ice-cream. This one I can most certainly do given my tendency towards rather long detailed and expressive writings as a result of a mind working usually like a runaway train. Tho at times I know I write in mixed metaphors and just plain flowery language. When I read the challenge this morning I was sitting outside on one of those milk-crates serving as a stool enjoying the bright sunshine and warm spring day. My mind and thoughts took over as I felt myself wax lyrical, a sing-song of words playing out like a scene from a musical. So now I will transcribe what I wrote whilst sitting like Lady Muck surveying her Queendom. Alas no attentive servants tending to my every demanding Queenly needs, but rather a steady stream of cars through the car park like servants running about on their daily errands…

I sat in quiet contemplation, thoughts and words flowing through my mind like a never-ending river, at times crashing against the rocks as words clashed in non-rhyming sequence, then running freely with poetic license as the rhythm of the boat upon the gentle waves took over. Stringing words together like Tibetan prayer flags strung in a row, at times words synched in quiet harmony, the cadence of emotion rising and falling like music upon my ears. No good to just listen to my thoughts. I grab my iPhone and begin to type, a rapid staccato across the page. Stopping at times to watch thoughts and words form, creativity taking place in front of my eyes like the new green shoots of a beautiful plant emerging from the dark rich soil of mother earth. Growing slowly, reaching upwards, my sentences took form and shape. Entwining associations building, the branches and leaves of my writing twisted and turned upon themselves. A phrase here and there that didn’t quite fit, discarded like dead branches falling from the tree, no longer a part of the whole. Looking onwards my paragraphs grew, reaching in search of a dawning light, a growing awakening of life slowly coming to full bloom like the buds of new flowers opening slowly, their beautiful petals to show.

Invigorated, excited, my mind in full swing, my writing poured from the fountain of creativity, the river of words now blending and weaving in harmonious flow. Again and again words added and joined, building a mountain of splendour as the fountain swiftly turned into a geyser erupting high into the sky. Until finally, slowly, my writing near its end, the once rapid flow of the fountain sinking slowly to earth. Quiet a moment I let myself sit. Wondering when the next rush of words would appear to me once again and send the deluge of my thoughts flowing again in harmonious delight.

My thoughts now written upon the slate of my page, sent out upon the web of life. Words of love and peace now connecting, turning back on itself as it spins like a spider upon its silvery web catching the scented, perfumed, many petaled flowers of the lotus of divine inspiration. This wonderful web of love now covering the earth. Enveloping, surrounding and protecting like a mothers love for her child, each beautiful thought sent spinning through the stratosphere of the world, into the wide universe, gathering momentum and power before returning like a dove to her keeper, gently alighting the welcoming hand outstretched, cooing her pleasure and contentment. Resting now, each beautiful joy filled thought returns to another in love and lightness, the touch of a feather upon a gentle soul, melting the icy thin veneer of a once jaded soul inhabiting a human form.

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