gallery A Word a Week Challenge: Different

This week is the first of A Word in Your Ear’s new weekly challenge A Word a Week. Picked from the dictionary at random each week is a word to blog about, in whatever form we choose. This weeks word is of course Different. I’ve been intending to photo-blogs clouds and sky for a while. How apt for this weeks word.

Each morning we have the opportunity to do the same thing, or to do something Different
To choose the same thoughts, or ones that are Different.
To look at the world with same tired mind, or thoughts that are new and Different.
Each day the world presents us with something new, something Different.
Do we choose to look each day with the same eyes as yesterday or to view something Different.

The never ending sky, never the same, always Different
Clouds move across its face, ever changing, always Different.
To visit my parents in country Queensland never gives me the same visions, but ones that are constantly Different.

Such pleasure to stand on the earth, to watch the sky and clouds and appreciate that each moment in time it is Different.
From dawn to sunrise, midday to late afternoon, sunset and evening, always it is Different
Clear skies, and hazy ones, smoked filled and lazy ones, thunder and rain, the clouds and sky above Memerambi is forever changing, always Different.

How wonderful to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spent quiet and peaceful times amidst nature that is always Different.
The sights, smells, sounds of the country, compared to the city are Different.

Reminded constantly of my favourite quote …

“Two men looked out from prison bars, one saw the mud, the other saw the stars” by Frederick Langbridge

… both standing in the same spot, both viewing the world with eyes, ears, thoughts, and hearts and souls that are Different.

The following photos show how incredibly different the sky and clouds appear in one tiny corner of this beautiful wide world. A place where my parents live in the country. Wide open spaces. And a sky painted so many different ways.















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