quote Forever Apart

I heard his name upon the breeze
Carried to me on whispering leaves
Searching, calling, beseeching me
Quietly standing I opened my ears
Patiently listening, serenely at ease

Inside my soul, a spark did ignite
Slowly growing, the flame now alight
Wondering, waiting, is the time right
Opening my mind, I searched with my sight
Hope welling up, in nervous delight

Come to me, come to me, come to me now
Turning in circles, my senses this hour
Feeling the pull of his soul fulfilled power
Gently his kiss like a soft tender flower
Settled upon me the touch on my brow

In tune with my soul he sensed my distress
The stream down my face of tears he did guess
Upon the sweet breeze he sent his caress
My heart beating swiftly for me to express
The bittersweet dreams I try to suppress

Whispering back I answered his will
Always forever wherever until
Smiling through tears as slowly they spill
Felt his caress, yet lingering still
Waiting patiently his soul to reveal

Knowing that here is where I now lie
Raising my eyes I answered his cry
Opened my heart and sent my reply
Forever together forever denied
Perhaps in this lifetime my beautiful life

I wander alone in this time and space
Am I destined to live in this place
Aching, waiting often in haste
Sighing deeply I lowered my face
Turning slowly, I walk in sweet grace

Jenn 30/09/2012


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