image Thelma & Louise … In Australia … Take One

In January, my girlfriend Belinda and I travelled by car from Perth to Brisbane. A total of some 5,000 kms in 5 days or so. With my pooch Crystal in tow. Chooky had to come along too. When Belinda first saw him she was determined he travel in the car with us. Of course he had to have his picture taken at random places

Crystal in the back … so very well behaved on her first long trip.. Chooky got to sit between us

I was moving states and needed to bring my new car. Blin wasn’t working so she came along to keep me company and ensure my house was set up ‘just right’. It gave us an opportunity to have an adventure of sorts. We laughed about our Thelma and Louise trip. Minus the cliff dive at the end. We did meet Brad tho on the first day. A mutual truckie friend. But he was heading west and us east.

The Nullarbor is so named because it means treeless plain. It’s flat with long straight roads. Predominantly one-laned with a roadhouse/ motel just close enough to each other to ensure you don’t run out of petrol.

It’s taken me 9 months to birth this photo blog of our trip.

Most of the photos were taken through the car window. This selection is from Western Australia.

Day One was a 720 km from Perth to Norseman. It felt strange heading there as Norseman was the first place I lived in WA when I was 5

First stop along the way .. typical of most roadhouses … but I’m also hopeless at remembering names
Chooky got to sit on the dashboard ..
Sadly blurred, but the GPS shows what we’re up for this day .. dead straight for 191kms
Cruise control is a wonderful thing, easy to overtake on long straight roads… tho of course it doesn’t mean one can make a coffee
Typical scenery half way to Norseman
Flying past Widgiemooltha I saw a flash of yellow and blue. Blin turned around. Brad and Ryan were parked at the roadhouse. The trains, I think 14 in total, were being transported from Queensland to WA mines. 2 would travel at a time. Unable to go beyond about 90kms due to their weight its a long road haul for these very experienced Heavy Haulage steering wheel attendants. And no they do not like to be called truckies.
Brad’s super awesome Kenworth. Now this is a Man’s truck.
Dusk heading into Norseman. The area is full of salt lakes. They turn pink at dusk. Eerie and incredible visions out the side of the car

Day two was from Norseman to Ceduna … a total of 1,200kms along the Eyre Highway

And yes it does rain across the Nullarbor .. even in summer
Nice hand there Blin …

… nothing but grey skies
and flatness ..
then these little gnomes popped up at one of the road houses
At the edge of the cliffs .. here we drive from the top of the plateau to what once was an ocean bed… the Nullarbor proper
The Nullarbor … flat for hundreds of miles .. nothing much grows … originally this was the sea bed … millions of years ago
Along the way there are still so many trees …
RFDS = Royal Flying Doctor Service … in an emergency the road becomes the airstrip
who can resist puppy dog eyes pleading ‘are we there yet mum?’

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