quote Surrender

The light shines, shimmers
From above
From within
From without
I raise my arms to the heavens
Hands open in acceptance
Face upturned
To the beauty and wonder
Of the universe
Knowing that I am home

No matter where I am
There I am
Radiantly and
Fully Me …
Serene and One
Whole and Alive

Knowing that I can face anything
Aware of the magnificence
Of myself
Understanding all that is

Filled with the wisdom and
Knowledge of the universe
The Ancients
My kin, my ancestors
My soul
Connected always
Never alone
Always Blessed

I am here
The veil shifting
Partially visible
In total acceptance and surrender
I step into the sun
And rejoice

Written 30/5/2012


Memerambi sky in winter .. Edited on Photo Toaster

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