image The Serenity of the Bay

Since deciding to put together photoblogs, I have had this collection of photos of the ferry trip from Brisbane to North Stradbroke Island in mind. The first time I knew I had a meeting scheduled on the main clinic on the Island I was apprehensive and nervously excited. Ferry trips across a bay are not always what they are made out to be.

However, each time I take the trip I am ‘blown away’. The stillness and calmness of the crystal waters. The easy trip in the ferry. The cloud formations. Every time has been a delight.but perhaps I have also been lucky. Good weather has been my fortune. Fine days. Light breezes. I do not think I would like to travel when the sea is rough. And yes, despite the bay being circled by many islands, it can get rough.

Each day numerous children make the half hour trip to and from the mainland for school. Workers commute. People shop. The island has about 2500 residents. Many leave a car on the mainland to commute too and from work. The island itself is land to 3 Aboriginal groups. I have not taken time to gather the statistics. Nor, believe it or not, taken time to explore the island. For each time I travel it is to work. How sad. Such a sad way to start the day. A ferry ride across the bay.

The clinic itself looks straight at the bay. How blessed am I that when I fronted to my current work place to talk about work opportunities, that this clinic and its new off shoot on the mainland were in need of support. How blessed am I that I have met incredible people. Beautiful, warm, supportive and encouraging.

I decided I really should get more information about the Island. Googling I found this website about Straddie, as it is affectionately called.

So here is my collection of photos. Happily being the tourist each trip I made.appreciating the joy and serenity as a child. And loving every minute of it.

Waiting at Cleveland for the ferry … mangrove mud flats
Low tide
Dunwich … North Stradbroke Island
In the distance the sand dunes of North Stradbroke Island
Beach at Dunwich
Dunwich Beach
Across Moreton Bay
Looking across the bay to Brisbane and the Great Dividing Range behind
Mangroves in the Bay
Moreton Bay to North Stradbroke Island
Cloud reflections on the bay
The bay is full of islands… some inhabited some not
Looking towards the mainland and the Great Dividing Range
View from Dunwich
View from North Stradbroke Island
Looking from North Stradbroke Island to Brisbane
From the front steps of the clinic… what a view to work from


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