gallery The unconditional love of a companion

She shakes. Wants to be close. Too close. I push her away. She interrupts me when I try to read. She’s annoying me. I stop and look at her. Big brown eyes. Mournful. Her paws reach out to pat me. I have a cold. Coughing. Sneezing. My head congested. Breathing through my mouth. She’s worried for me. Wants to comfort me. Let me know she’s here for me. Dogs are incredibly sensitive. Picking up on emotions, feelings.

I crawl out of bed. She wags her tail. Happy I’m moving. That’s a good sign. I move into the kitchen. She follows and flops on the floor while I make a chai. Never far from me. Ever watchful. Ever hopeful. I grab her a schmacko. Sitting patiently she waits til I give it to her. Gulping it down she is anything but ladylike.

Chai in hand I head outside. To sit in the sunshine. Get some vitamin D. Side tracking I think that with all the media awareness about skin cancer, we have perhaps gone too far. Vitamin D is too low in many people. Sunshine is healing. Great for the mind, body and soul. Energising. Warming and comforting. Blissful when I don’t feel well.

I decide today to work from home. My colleagues do not need my bugs spread to them. Tho it is from them that I caught this lurgy. I am lucky. I have the opportunity to work at home. Finalising policy and procedure manuals. My mind switches to a document I want to collate. Defining policies, procedures, systems and processes. Words used commonly. Taken for granted. Yet I wonder how many actually understand the differences. Understand why we have them in place. It is this I want to capture. Work has moved fast. Too fast. I need to stop, collate and get my papers in order. I’m feeling disorganised. I know that if I am, then others are too.

Sipping my chai, I drink in the suns rays. Listening to the birds. At my neighbour’s house. In the trees nearby. It is quiet here. It always is. I am reminded how I noticed the absolute quiet last night. Flowers are blooming. Spring has arrived. My pot plants need water this evening. It rained two days ago. The first in weeks.

Crows call. They chatter and talk. There is something beautiful about their calls. Crystal lies near me. In the shade. She’s getting shaggy. Her nails long. I will book her in for a groom next weekend. She always looks beautiful when groomed. Greeting me with bows in her hair. Perfumed. Soft. Cuddly. I love her groomed. But I love her shaggy. Her coat warm and comforting.

She is quiet today. Not her usual talkative self. She loves company. Is so very excited to greet people. Greet me when I arrive home. Even after a 10 minute trip to the shops. Her paws beat a rapid staccato. Barely containing her joy. She is not the best trained pooch. But she is my companion. 9 years old now. She still behaves like a pup. Not showing her age. She barks at noises out the front. Telling them off. She is queen in her domain. A bossy boots.

Warm now, my chai finished. It’s time to head inside and work. Grab a tissue too. Or three or four.



  1. You can’t beat the love of a dog…! She sounds beautiful. I enjoyed this post – thank you for dropping by my blog, too. Sending you happiness from the far side of the world!

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