gallery When will it all end? The insanity of a foreign war devastates yet another family.

I really want to go on a total rant here. And I will. The ridiculousness of fighting wars in foreign countries that in reality have nothing to do with us. Rather our politicians decide to curry favour in foreign politics by supporting another country in their fights. Yet one cannot wonder if they would ever bother coming to our aid. Like life in the mundane, Australia goes to another’s aid constantly. At this point I don’t give a damn what any one thinks about the supposed righteousness of this war in Afghanistan. My daughters best friend just lost her beautiful brother. A wonderful young man. His family and friends deprived forever of his light and laughter. Killed. For no reason. Will we ever learn?

My children have never known war in our land. Neither have I. Yes, in this way we are the lucky country. Isolated on a continent island far from warring nations, we live in peace and harmony. Rarely touched by the madness of the world, we go about our daily lives. Isn’t this what every human being dreams of? Yet we seem to be forever drawn into others fights. Do we not tell our children to stay out of what doesn’t concern them? For their own safety and wellbeing? Yet we lose our beautiful young men regularly. Killed overseas on a foreign soil. Not really understanding why they are there. Following their commanders’ orders who follow the orders of politicians. And we all know what we think about politicians. Not a lot. No real understanding of the true world. Caught up in propaganda and their own egotistical power plays.

I still recall reading “All quiet on the western front”. A story of youthful axis soldiers feeling exactly the same as the allies. God is on our side. God is on everyones side. Yet my God is more right than yours? Are not they the same God? One wonders if God isn’t disgusted that his name is used so easily to justify mans distorted views of themselves and their quest for power and misinformed justice.

Why am I on this rant? My children will attend today the funeral of a young Australian soldier. 21 years old. They attended his 21st. The beautiful brother of my daughters lovely best friend. A young man I met briefly late last year. A young man who’s mother, sister, brother, father, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends now grieve over the stupid loss of his life. Yes he chose to join the army. He loved it. Was dedicated. His family proud of him. And now they all must bury him today. A young man robbed of his life. Torn from his family. Wasted youth. Leaving a family and country devastated by the insanity of a war that took his life. A war many in Australia feel is not ours. A war we have been waiting to end. A promise to bring our men and women home taking far too long.

There is no logical and justifiable reason for this beautiful young man to have been robbed of his life. I spent ages talking online to another friend fighting in Afghanistan. So very pleased to see him arrive home safe. But to hear of the difficulties his men faced in returning to reality, normality at home is so very sad and upsetting. Those who return alive are forever changed. The atrocities of the Vietnam war still affect so many men today. Many many years later. Their lives forever destroyed.

What on earth is wrong with human kind that we think we are justified in taking up arms against another? Do we even really know the honest reason it started? Was there even one? What on earth has been covered up by governments at the expense of justifying a war? I think back over the years and the wars in the gulf and Afghanistan. Wars where a country chose to be judge, jury and executioner. With minimal if any real evidence of the supposed crimes these countries committed. Yes they committed atrocities among their own people. What country hasn’t? I do not recall however the supposed powers that be rushing to the aid of so many poorer, third world war-torn countries to aid the people. But then of course there wasn’t something wanted. No oil. No supposed terrorists. No one to pin blame on. I wonder if anyone even knows the truth of any of these absurd wars this century.

Enough I say. One life lost is one life too many. Five for our beautiful country in one day is utter madness. This war isn’t even ours. We fight supposedly in support of another nations distorted and righteous view. War is never glorious. No matter what. One wonders how soon our troops would be recalled if these young men were the sons or brothers of our politicians.

RIP James. Your life was taken way too soon. The world will not know your laughter and love and light anymore. Holly will never have the pleasure of your company. Your mother will never have the pleasure and joy of watching you grow old. May you never be forgotten.

James Martin

Funeral today

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