image These are a few of my favourite things …

I love my home. I love my iPad. I love some of the apps, especially the Jazz photographic editing app. Waking early this morning and needing to fill in time whilst my friend was still sleeping, I decided to play on Jazz with some pics of my fave objects in my house.  I love collecting bits and pieces. Small collections of specific items. Treasured pieces I’ve collected on my travels. Gifts from friends and family. Books. Crystals. They bring me joy and pleasure. This is a collection of the resulting photos edited through Jazz.


I moved into my new rental home in January. The frustrated Interior Designer in me let loose, with the help of my beautiful friend Belinda. Whilst unpacking she would grab items and disappear into the house. Placing them specifically but not perfectly. Showing me how to achieve a more natural feel. Of course I have added and adjusted things a lil. Where previously my bookcases were jam packed, this time I have half my books out. The ones I refer to most. That I enjoy reading and browsing. Interspersed are my bits and pieces. Collectables and collections of this and that. Crystals. Items I’ve made. Objects that have meaning to me


My long-term best friend Megan introduced me to antiques. It’s time we went on another wander. I have a passion for small floral plates, tho here they’re not easily seen. Another photo is needed some time.


Floral boxes. I have quite a few. Boxes in general I have a few. My lovely circle of friends I found this year in a second hand shop. Cheap. This makes three of them I now have.


I’ve always loved Tiffany lamps. This was a treat to myself last year. Although a reproduction it’s still beautiful, throwing a soft light in the evening. Old books are growing in number. Courtesy of Life-Line book fests and an introduction again from Megan. Pill boxes. Collected during an overseas trip to Europe and England years ago. Added to occasionally when one catches my eye. Crystals .. of course.


Books, books and more books. Crystals and bits and pieces. Beautiful glass from Venice and Bath. Some of my special pieces.


Different view .. I loved playing with Jazz. Looking through these photos tho I see my preference for ‘grunge’ style. Throwing a distorted light in a way. Giving the appearance of age. They suit my collections I think.


Chinese gentleman. Having travelled to Singapore twice, I collected a couple of small pieces. I love the simplicity and the quiet action inherent in the piece.


My favourite side board. Wrought iron with an inlaid glass panel. Since changed a lil. I love the effect of the editing in this photo.


Changes on top of the sideboard. Pieces added.


I inherited my passion for Carlton Ware from my mother. Then discovered beautiful Staffordshire.


The image of the goddess. Loving serene and gentle.


God and Goddess. Spiral and Tree of Life. Mother Earth. These have meaning to me.


Goddess in namaste. Words of beauty.


Japanese Buddha. Nagomi Jizo. Protector of Children (I believe)


The wisdom of owls. Hands of Peace.


I snagged the old chamber pot from my mother. Sitting on a piece of Hardangar embroidery my mother made.


Raven – symbol of Morrigan. Celtic war Goddess. I have a love of fairies and flowering plants.


Intricacies in small boxes.


Crystal balls. I have a lot 🙂 Crystal goddesses and Tibetan prayer beads.


She gives some a fright. Found this beautiful painted mannequin in an antique store. Primarily to hold the beaded headdress and my array of necklaces. An awesome price and a beautiful piece.


Hmmmm … I have a thing for paranormal romance … fiction in general.


My beautiful healing room. Celtic rug is simply divine.


I debated whether to bring the bassinet the kids used. Then decided it was a great way to store my teddies and cloth dolls. Just a corner in the spare room.


And of course my favourite companion these days…. Crystal. Tho she knows she’s not supposed to sit on the couch.

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