gallery Soul-mates united in love

Marriage, second time around. The union of soul-mates. Joining of beautiful, loving families, and the company of long time friends. Such was Rhonda and Shean’s wedding I attended yesterday here in Perth.

I can count on both hands the number of people I know who have a deep, loving, relationship. A shame in itself that there are so few I know. But beautiful that I am blessed to know them within family and friends. During the reception, a Power-Point presentation was shared. Images of Rhonda and Shean together over the 12 plus years they have been together. I have had the pleasure of knowing these beautiful people. Individually and together. Through my previous work. The support and encouragement they gave me over the years. Particularly when I decided to end my own marriage. Again both individually and as a couple.

I laughed when I heard they were going to get married. Rhonda had told me they had decided not to get married a couple of years before. But they changed their mind and wanted to make a declaration of commitment to each other and their family and friends. When they told me I was told in no uncertain terms that they wanted me there. Offering to pay my airfare. I found extraordinarily cheap flights and booked months in advance, paying my own way. In one regard showing my commitment to share their very special day.

Some years ago they had both told me how much the other meant to them. Shean told me that Rhonda had saved him. Rhonda expressed how Shean’s support and love had given her new meaning to life. They encourage, support, share, guide, and walk their life together. In total harmony and love. A deep abiding friendship. A true union of souls. They knew they had both found the one who made them whole. Who completed them. Individually they are strong people. Together a strong and loving couple. Their families complement each other. They are brother and sister, son and daughter …not just in-laws to each others family. That was so very evident in the ceremony and reception.

They celebrated their vows in the Harold Boas gardens in Perth city. A beautiful park. Rhonda is tiny. I cannot wear my heels beside her. I tower over her anyway. She is stunning as always. Petite and packing a punch. 6 days younger than me. We have always laughed at our similarities and our daily horoscope readings. Of course my camera was snapping away. But I have to wait til I return home to upload them and check them out properly. Return home. That comment was made by a very special friend a short while ago online. “Enjoy your visit and seeing the kids and friends, then come home to Brisbane.” The emotion I felt in that comment said it all. Perth is no longer my home. My home is well and truly now Brisbane. Close to the land of my people.

I laugh at how I digress, see associations, and follow them. It weaves the strands of my life and my mind. The wedding was an opportunity to catch up with old friends and work colleagues. Some loved and respected, some I had parted on not so good terms. I was incredibly aware of some of the animosity. I chose not to let it affect me. Well at least on the surface. In a way it was good for me to let go of some of these associations. Within an atmosphere of love.

In saying this I came home exhausted. Twas a long day. Weddings always are. But I had the opportunity to catch up with dear friends from work days between the wedding and reception. Both girls had since left our work. Another couple who are soul-mates. Laura and Andrew. Very different people. But totally devoted to each other through their 20 odd years of marriage. Sadly childless. Again a couple who have supported me through my marriage breakdown. Another male who gave support and encouragement to me in his own right. So many beautiful visual memories I now have from this very special day.

My exhaustion is gone. The daggers are plucked from my back. It’s sad that some people cannot let go. This seems out of place amongst all this. But the empath in me is strong. I am incredibly sensitive to others feelings and emotions. I understand now how I came to be totally exhausted on every level after 10 years working in the organisation. But I also understand that it was the loving support and encouragement of many beautiful people who became close friends during that time that kept me going.

A time for reflection as I pause. I appreciate how I am now in a much better place, on every level. How I have grown as a person. How my life has panned out into a beautiful, peaceful, and happy one. How, in a way, I have finally found my home. And tho I am alone, I still ache to have the kind of loving soul-fulfilled-relationship that this beautiful couple share. Don’t we all?

I remember an image I’ve seen on the net. A saying about a myth. It’s posted here below. I do not know its source however.

The second picture is from the receptions tables. A beautiful simple posy. Three on every table. I asked if I could bring one home. Rhonda smiled and said of course. I will let it dry out. Find a place in my home. A beautiful reminder of a day spent in the company of true love and commitment.



The wedding was taken in beautiful Harold Boas Gardens in Perth …


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