image The Wonder of Crystal Castle

I blogged about the Magic and Friendship of crystals and my recent trip to Mullumbimby to the Crystal Castle. Such wonderful and awesome crystals and magnificent countryside in northern New South Wales, just south of the border with Queensland. Taking numerous photos, I decided to add a new category Photo Blogs and add photos .. sharing the wonder and beauty of the country I live in.

welcoming visitors, this clay crystal encrusted castle beckons one to explore further
various god and goddess statues abound .. i did not capture all their names .. predominantly hindu …
statues abound, nestled amongst the beautiful foliage
magnificent amethyst caves … everywhere .. altho i have a couple of small ones, i have nothing like these tall, slim beautiful crystals … YET i might add
the wizards hat … amethyst cave … totally fitting description
amethyst cave .. two halves of a whole .. framing the entrance to the garden walk ..
amethyst caves framing magnificent trompe l’oeil wall art … Renee’s photo has a number of orbs down the middle of it … hers was taken when no-one was around …
the labyrinth … a beautiful walk for meditation …
close up of part of a massive quartz crystal cluster
earth healer … massive and beautiful
polished agate … engraved with one of my favourite quotes … tho wrongly stated as being quoted by Nelson Mandela .. this is by Marianne Williamson … whilst stopping to take a photo i noticed the reflection of Renee in the left behind me … well initially it was a back view … waited til she turned around 🙂
massive rose quartz sphere atop a water feature … the sphere gentle rotating from the flow of the water
inside the castle, a magnificent polished clear quartz generator … numerous amethyst caves in the background
not sure what this flower is, but of course i have to stop and take close-ups … simply love the beauty of flowers and foliage
looking down towards the valley, a beautiful selection of huge clear and rose quartz
the clear quartz generator is magnificent
rose quartz spiral … to walk the spiral is a meditation in itself … i sat and watched a number of people walk up to it, not realising the layout immediately until i commented … interesting to watch the different reactions
opposite the rose quartz spiral is a beautiful buddha sitting on a pond
looking above the spiral and buddha pond, the half-moon was resplendent in the clear blue skies … unfortunately i could not capture a close enough picture … reminding me of my desire to purchase a telephoto lens

i have an aura app on my iPhone … taken inside the show room, this is Renee’s beautiful loving aura. She is a crystal child … so very at home amongst the earths crystals
my aura photo … completely different to Renee’s 🙂

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